How It Was Made Possible by Show Mania

Tej and Sapna, both dynamic professionals based in London, found love in the bustling cityscape and decided to celebrate their union with a destination wedding in Jaipur that honored their Gujarati heritage. Their story is a beautiful testament to love transcending geographical boundaries, culminating in a vibrant Gujarati wedding. Embracing the traditions of their ancestors while adding their modern twist, they chose a picturesque location away from home, making their love marriage an unforgettable destination event rich in culture and filled with joy

Jaibagh Palace, Jaipur

Tej & Sapna


Wedding Highlights

Tej and Sapna’s destination wedding at Jaibagh Palace, Jaipur, was a vibrant celebration of love, culture, and tradition, masterfully brought to life by Show Mania. The event was a splendid mix of Gujarati customs, modern entertainment, and culinary delights, set against the breathtaking backdrop of Jaipur’s royal heritage

Our Wedding Makers

Venue: Jaibagh Palace in Jaipur provided a majestic setting that perfectly complemented the grandeur of their Gujarati wedding. Its historic charm and stunning architecture added a royal touch to the festivities.
Band: The Tamasha Live set the tone for the celebration with their dynamic performances, creating an electrifying atmosphere that captivated every guest and made the night unforgettable.
DJ: DJ Vaporised took the wedding to a whole new level with his mixes, blending traditional beats with contemporary rhythms during the Western cocktail evening, keeping the energy high and the dance floor full.
Photographer: Kachhak Studios from Jodhpur expertly captured the essence of Tej and Sapna’s wedding, from the intimate moments of their love marriage to the grandeur of their destination wedding. Their photographs tell a story of joy, love, and cultural celebration that will be cherished for generations
These highlights showcase the seamless blend of tradition and modernity, making Tej and Sapna’s wedding a truly remarkable event that honoured their Gujarati roots while celebrating their journey together in love.