Our Real Weddings

Show Mania, specializing in crafting dream weddings, turned Ankit and Surbhi’s vision into reality by meticulously planning a traditional Marwari wedding that celebrated their arranged cum love marriage. Leveraging their expertise in Marwari customs, the team curated a series of elaborate rituals and vibrant celebrations, ensuring every detail reflected the couple’s heritage and personal journey. From the colorful decor to the authentic Marwari cuisine, Show Mania seamlessly orchestrated an unforgettable experience that honored their love and cultural legacy.

Ankit & Surbhi

Bringing together the essence of Punjabi traditions with the sophistication of their lives in Norway and London, Prashant and Nikita’s wedding was a testament to their journey. The venue, Jai Bagh Palace, was chosen for its majestic beauty and capacity to transform into a space that reflects the vibrant colors and joyful spirit of a Punjabi wedding, all while accommodating guests from around the world.

Prashant & Nikita

What we decided for Siddharth & Manisha to tie the knot in a way that screams ‘us’—mixing up the spicy vibes of South India with the colorful essence of the North. And, it did turn heads and tug hearts! This wasn’t just a wedding; it was a festival of love set in the picturesque Samode Palace, near the vibrant city of Jaipur. And don’t ski[ the next section to see we turned traditions on its head with a lineup of activities that had everyone buzzing with excitement.

Siddharth & Manisha

Showmania expertly curated Saurabh and Varsha’s wedding, masterfully blending the rich traditions of Noida and Jaipur. Understanding the essence of their arranged marriage, the team carefully designed ceremonies that celebrated both cultures with grace and elegance. From the vibrant mehendi to the solemn pheras, every detail was meticulously planned, ensuring a seamless fusion of customs that honored their families’ heritage while celebrating their union.

Saurabh & Varsha

Understanding the unique blend of cultures and traditions Aditya and Lauren wished to celebrate, we had a chance to meticulously plan each detail to honour both their backgrounds. Their wedding was a beautiful amalgamation of Indian and Western traditions, set against the backdrop of Jaipur’s royal charm. Our team’s dedication ensured that the wedding not only respected the couple’s wishes but also offered a memorable experience to all who attended.

Aditya & Lauren

In planning of Shobit and Gayatri’s wedding in Jaipur, our aim was to merge the elegance of their professional lives with the traditional ethos they cherish. Jaibagh Palace, Jaipur was chosen to mirror this vision, providing a royal backdrop that resonates with their desire for a wedding that combines grandeur with heartfelt intimacy. Our meticulous planning and coordination brought their vision to life, ensuring that every detail reflected their unique journey from colleagues to soulmates.

Shobit & Gayatri

Show Mania expertly crafted Tej and Sapna’s dream destination wedding, seamlessly blending Gujarati traditions with a modern flair. They orchestrated a spectacular Garba night, inviting guests to partake in the dance’s vibrant energy, followed by a chic Western cocktail evening. The culinary journey included a traditional Rajasthani dinner and a Mumbai Chowpatty setup, offering a taste of India’s diverse flavors. Show Mania’s meticulous planning and creative setups ensured each event reflected Tej and Sapna’s unique love story and cultural heritage, making their wedding truly memorable

Tej & Sapna

For Rupak and Aprajita’s special day, Govind Banquet and Lounge was the chosen venue, offering a unique blend of traditional architecture and essential amenities set against the backdrop of Jaipur’s heritage. Despite its raw structural beauty and built-in stage, the venue presented challenges in terms of customization, offering limited scope for new creations. However, its dedicated lounges for dining areas ensured that the essence of their Bengali wedding was celebrated within a space that authentically mirrored their desires, albeit within the constraints of the venue’s original framework.

Rupak & Aprajita

Nilesh and Priyanka, both thriving professionals in the U.S., decided to honor their roots with a splendid North Indian wedding, a testament to their love and heritage wedding in Jaipur. Despite the distance, they yearned to weave the rich tapestry of North Indian traditions into their special day, blending the vibrancy of their cultures with the modernity of their lives abroad. This union was not just about two hearts coming together but also about celebrating the legacy of North Indian rituals, music, and festivities, creating a memorable blend of tradition and contemporary love.

Nilesh & Priyanka

Show Mania transformed Alok and Shreya’s vision of a Royal Marwadi wedding into a stunning reality, meticulously orchestrating every detail to reflect their heritage and love story. By blending traditional Marwadi customs with a touch of royal opulence befitting their Makrana roots, the event planner curated an unforgettable experience. From regal decor to authentic Rajasthani cuisine, Show Mania ensured that every aspect of their dream wedding was executed flawlessly, making their special day truly majestic.

Alok & Shreya

From the electrifying bhangra to the heartfelt moments shared among friends and family, Ashray and Pooja’s wedding was a tapestry of rich traditions and modern flair. Their wedding was a testament to Punjabi tradition, and the unmistakable Delhi vibe, set against the majestic backdrop of The Leela Palace. Here’s how we dialed up the magic to make their big day unforgettable.

Ashray & Pooja

Attention to detail was paramount on the wedding day. From ensuring the floral arrangements were perfect to coordinating the timings of each ceremony, our team worked tirelessly to bring Akshay and Sakshi’s vision to life. Our meticulous attention to detail ensured that every aspect of the wedding day was perfect. From the choice of venue to the floral decorations and the timing of each ceremony, we made sure everything was in harmony with their vision.

Akshay & Sakshi