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Siddharth from Bangalore and Manisha from North India, both living in the US, decided to celebrate their wedding in the traditional Indian style back in their homeland. They chose the charming town of Chomu, near Jaipur, for their big day. Their wedding at Samode Palace was not just about them coming together but also a beautiful mix of South and North Indian cultures, representing their roots.

Samode Palace, Chomu

Siddharth & Manisha


Wedding Highlights

Rajasthani Highlights That Stole the Show

Haldi With a Twist: Imagine a Haldi where, instead of just smearing turmeric, you’re in the middle of a carnival! Yes, you heard it right. There were games, laughs, and a whole lot of fun making this traditional ceremony anything but typical.
A Serenade by a Snake Charmer: Just when you thought you’d seen it all, in comes a snake charmer, adding that touch of mystique and tradition, mesmerizing guests with the enchanting tunes of the been.
Step Into the Bioscope: Ever peered into a bioscope? Siddharth and Manisha brought this nostalgic piece of entertainment to their wedding, letting guests glimpse into a kaleidoscope of colors and memories, one turn at a time.
Kalbelia Dancers Twirling the Night Away: The energy soared as Kalbelia dancers took the stage, their graceful moves and swirling colors captivating everyone. It was a celebration of Rajasthan’s rich cultural tapestry, right there at the wedding!
South Indian Musical Harmony: The Nadaswaram, a traditional South Indian wind instrument, provided a soulful backdrop to the ceremonies, creating an atmosphere of divine serenity that embraced their South Indian roots.
Custom Crafted for You – Live Lakh Bangles: Guests didn’t just attend; they became part of the art with live bangle-making stations. Watching artisans craft Lakh bangles before your eyes? Yes, please! It added that personal touch, making the experience truly unique.
Dupatta and Mojdi Counter for That Royal Touch: And it didn’t stop there! With counters set up for choosing Dupattas and Mojdies, guests got to add a royal flair to their attire, picking out pieces that spoke to their style, making them feel every bit the part of the royal setting.

Our Wedding Makers

Venue: Samode Palace, Chomu
Makeup Artists: Arneeb Malik
Guest Makeup Artist: Shades Jaipur
DJ: DJ Chetan Nowlakha
Photographer: Wedding Documentary, US
And that wraps up the story of Siddharth and Manisha’s wedding, masterfully orchestrated by our team. It was a celebration where cultures, colors, and love merged into a stunning spectacle. Siddharth and Manisha didn’t just blend traditions; they hosted a celebration that spotlighted their unique fusion, leaving guests in awe and wanting more. A big shoutout to them for crafting a wedding with flair, heart, and undeniable style. Our team at Show Mania takes pride in turning such unique visions into unforgettable celebrations. Cheers to the couple for letting us showcase our creativity and passion! For the same creativity and traditional touch in your wedding, get in touch with us!