How Show Mania Brought Their Dream Wedding to Reality?

Shobit, hailing from the historical splendor of Jaipur, and Gayatri, from the vibrant capital city of Delhi, both established their lives in the US, weaving their destinies together through a serendipitous professional meeting. Their story is a testament to the beautiful blend of tradition and modernity, leading them to choose Jaipur as the venue for their nuptials, embracing the cultural richness of their roots while celebrating their contemporary love story.

The choice of Jaibagh Palace

Shobit & Gayatri


Wedding Highlights

In the heart of Jaipur, Shobit and Gayatri chose simplicity and elegance as the cornerstone of their celebration, reflecting their journey from professional colleagues to life partners. Their wedding at Jai bagh Palace, Jaipur was marked by an intimate assembly of close family and friends. Underscoring the beauty of their bond with understated creativity. We planned minimalistic decor, heartfelt moments, and a focus on the genuine connection between the guests. This simplicity allowed the couple’s love and commitment to shine brightest, proving that true elegance lies in the beauty of love and the joy of togetherness.

Our Wedding Makers

Venue: The choice of Jaibagh Palace
Makeup Artist:
Music and Entertainment: DJ Vaibhav
Emcee : Dipali Vijay
Photography: Menishy Photography
Do you also dream of a minimalistic wedding like Shobit and Gayatri’s? It was an event that not only marked the beginning of their marital journey but also celebrated their unique love story that bridged different worlds. If their idea of low-key affiar inspire the idea of your wedding, let us craft your story too! At Show Mania Events, we take pride in having crafted a wedding that was as distinctive and profound as their bond, making their dream wedding a reality.