How we arranged a wedding while blending traditions

Saurabh, originating from the bustling city of Noida, and Varsha, from the historic and picturesque city of Jaipur, found their paths crossing in a traditional arranged marriage setup. Despite coming from different cultural backgrounds, their families saw a beautiful potential in uniting these two souls. As they embarked on this new journey, Saurabh and Varsha embraced the arranged marriage tradition with open hearts, discovering love and mutual respect along the way. Their story is a testament to the enduring charm of arranged marriages, where love blossoms from shared values, dreams, and the joy of discovering each other within the framework of tradition.

The majestic Taj Rambagh Palace

Saurabh & Varsha


Wedding Highlights

Saurabh and Varsha’s wedding was a beautiful blend of tradition and elegance, set against the luxurious backdrop of Jaipur’s iconic Taj Rambagh Palace and Taj Jai Mahal Palace. Each moment of their celebration was thoughtfully curated to honor their arranged marriage while delighting guests with a touch of modernity.

Our Wedding Makers

Venues: The majestic Taj Rambagh Palace and Taj Jai Mahal Palace served as the perfect settings, offering a royal and romantic ambiance that beautifully complemented the grandeur of their wedding festivities.
Makeup Artist: Fiza Khan Makeup Academy ensured Varsha looked radiant throughout the celebration, with bespoke bridal makeup that highlighted her natural beauty and complemented the opulence of the venues.
Entertainment: Oorja Band captivated the guests with their mesmerizing performances, blending traditional melodies with contemporary tunes to create a vibrant musical experience.
Emcee: Dipali Vijay, with her charm and eloquence, seamlessly guided the guests through the festivities, ensuring a smooth and engaging flow of the event.
DJ: DJ Rib turned the reception into an electrifying dance party, mixing beats that got everyone on the dance floor, celebrating the joyous occasion.
Choreographer: Beyond the Cloud Choreography added a sparkle to the celebration with meticulously planned dance performances, allowing the couple and their families to express their joy and happiness through dance.
Photographer: Sharp Shooter Films captured the essence of Saurabh and Varsha’s wedding, documenting the laughter, the rituals, and the spontaneous moments of joy, ensuring the couple could relive their special day for years to come.
Showmania’s impeccable planning and attention to detail made Saurabh and Varsha’s wedding a perfect blend of tradition and contemporary elegance, creating memories that will last a lifetime.