Crafting the Dream: How Show Mania Made It Happen

The groom Prashant, from London and Nikita from Norway, both NRI Punjabis found love in the most unexpected of ways, leading them to tie the knot in a grand ceremony in Jaipur. Opting for a traditional Punjabi wedding in Jaipur while embracing their global experiences, their desire was not just to celebrate their union but to immerse their guests in the exuberant spirit of a Punjabi wedding, filled with the rhythms of dhols and the joyous leaps of bhangra.

Jai Bagh Palace, Jaipur

Prashant & Nikita


Wedding Highlights

All Ladies Special Thali Bajao Ceremony: A unique and joyous celebration where all the ladies gathered to partake in the traditional thali bajao ceremony. It is a special ceremony where they created use “Thalis” to express their happiness and excitement for the upcoming wedding, spreading joy and energy among the guests.
Chuda Ceremony: In keeping with Punjabi traditions, the Chuda ceremony was a poignant and colorful event. symbolizing her transition into married life. This ceremony was a beautiful blend of ritual, emotion, and tradition, deeply moving for everyone present.
Entertainment: Can you even imagine a punjabi wedding without Dhols and Bhangras? So, we thought why not make it more special by organizing a dance battle in reception, showcasing the talents of the bride and groom’s families and friends? This not only added a layer of excitement but also brought everyone closer, creating memories that would last a lifetime.

Our Wedding Makers

Venue: Jai Bagh Palace, Jaipur
Makeup Artist: Loreal Professionals
Entertainment: DJ Dal, UK London
Photography: The Wow Weddings
Inspired by Prashant and Nikita’s cross-cultural love story and their stunning wedding celebration? At Show Mania Events, we specialize in bringing your unique love stories to life, ensuring your wedding day is as unforgettable as your journey together. Reach out to us to begin planning the wedding of your dreams!