10 Mehendi Giveaway Ideas You Will Absolutely Love!

Do you want your mehndi function to be extraordinary? We know, we all are bored of the usual gifts at Mehendi – the batwas with bindis, bangles. etc. Don't worry! We are here with some of our favorite picks in terms of mehndi giveaways for your pretty and lovely girls! You are surely ready with

The Best Wedding Wellness Tips For Our Lovely Brides

Do you want to achieve the perfect body and that enchanting glow on your face before you take your nuptials? There should be a wedding fitness plan on your to-do things to achieve before your wedlock, and not just for pre-wedding functions and photoshoots. Considering it is your wedding and you have to look the

This Is How You Do A Holiday-Inspired Wedding

Winter is known as the best season for holidays, comfortable soft sweaters, delightful food, born fires, steamy hot chocolate, and of course snow( depends on your locale). With all these wonderful and exciting things, we have soo much fun during this cozy time of the year but we don't typically think of weddings. But why

2020 Wedding Trends For Décor

A brand-new year brings a fresh crop of accompanying 2020 wedding trends. We look at mighty bursts of colors and earnest statements to touch everything from innovative ceremony aisle ideas to meals and beverages to the invitation sequence.  The most valid reason of all? Duos these days are addressing every feature of the wedlock uniquely

International Trends That You Will Love To Have At Your Indian Wedding

Doesn't everyone adore it when weddings are a gorgeous mix of east and west? We love this blend of fascinating cultures.Let's keep a trail of global trends because we all relish viewing them welded in Indian wedlocks.  Bridal Shower The ceremony of a bridal shower is traditionally a gathering with the bride and her dearest

How To Set Your Wedding Budget?

Let's create a flawless wedding budget for you, without sacrificing the fun stuff and without missing out on your favorites. Everything here is about organizing things and interacting with the best, these will steer you through the most authentic wedding budget. Estimating a wedding budget can be stressful initially but taking charge responsibly can make

Unique Wedding Invites

Your wedding invitations are one of the first representations of your celebration's vibe, whether it centers on a color palette, destination, season, or some other theme. They're meant to inform your attendees of the event's details, but they're also a good way to get everyone excited about your big day. Read all about it! How

How Can The Groom Experiment With His Wardrobe?

Your fiancé might have a spruce personage but there are some styling precepts that you would be surely describing him! TUXEDO Grooms can use these four directions to reach out on their extraordinary day. Alternative Coat A Fancier Flower The Telltale Tie Variety in the Vest SHERVANI In the next step forward, let’s talk about

Different Pre-Wedding Ceremonies Around the World

Weddings are a commemoration of love between two people. This is a worldwide thing! However, in different countries around the world, there are different traditions on this day, or before the day, that makes weddings a little bit more special and personal. Some of these traditions are very light-hearted and funny, others are taken very

Make up Ideas for your Wedding

Wedding period is the most important day in a bride’s life. The most important part of the wedding is the bridal makeup. Many Indian brides now go for a more subtle makeup but even that takes a lot of layers in contour and base to complete the look. Choosing a makeup look for your wedding

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