How Show Mania Brings Their Dream Wedding to Reality?

Ankit, hailing from the historic city of Alwar, and Surbhi, originating from the educational hub of Kota, found their destinies intertwined in a beautiful narrative that began as an arranged setup but blossomed into a deep love, leading to an enchanting Marwari wedding. Their journey from initial acquaintance to deep affection showcases the modern evolution of arranged cum love marriages within the vibrant Marwari tradition. Celebrating their union, they embraced the rich customs and elaborate rituals that define Marwadi weddings, symbolizing not only the merging of two hearts but also two families in a grand celebration of love and tradition.

Jaibagh Palace and Lohagarh Palace

Ankit & Surbhi


Wedding Highlights

In the majestic settings of Jaibagh Palace and Lohagarh Palace in Jaipur, Ankit and Surbhi’s wedding unfolded as a splendid celebration that beautifully merged tradition with personal style. Their special day was marked by a series of memorable highlights, each contributing to the grandeur and joy of their Marwadi wedding.

Our Wedding Makers

Venue: The choice of Jaibagh Palace and Lohagarh Palace as their wedding venues set a regal backdrop, perfect for their traditional yet sophisticated celebration.

Groom’s Outfit: Ankit looked dashing, dressed in an exquisite ensemble designed by Akhilesh Pahwa, which beautifully complemented the wedding’s grandeur.

Bride’s Designer: Surbhi was the epitome of elegance and tradition in her stunning attire created by The CC Design House, capturing the essence of Marwadi bridal fashion.

Makeup Artist: FizaKhan Academy ensured Surbhi looked radiant throughout the festivities, enhancing her natural beauty with skilled makeup artistry.

Entertainment: The wedding was alive with music and dance, featuring performances by percussionist Dinu Bajara and the energetic beats of Raja Dholi’s team, creating an unforgettable atmosphere.

Emcee: Anchor Meen kept the guests engaged and entertained, ensuring the celebration flowed smoothly from one event to the next.

DJ: DJ Maddy brought the party to life with his vibrant sets, making sure the dance floor was never empty.

Photographer: Capturing every moment in exquisite detail, Dipak Studios from Delhi preserved the memories of Ankit and Surbhi’s wedding in stunning photographs, allowing them to relive their special day for years to come

This meticulously planned and executed celebration by Show Mania highlighted the beauty of Marwadi traditions while embracing the couple’s unique love story, making Ankit and Surbhi’s wedding a truly unforgettable affair.