How Show Mania Brought Their Dream Wedding to Reality?

Alok and Shreya, both hailing from the renowned marble city of Makrana, Rajasthan, embarked on their journey of love, leading to a magnificent Royal Marwadi wedding. Their shared roots in Makrana’s rich cultural heritage played a pivotal role in shaping their grand celebration. By choosing to honor their Marwadi traditions, their wedding was not only a union of two hearts but also a splendid showcase of royal elegance and cultural depth, embodying the essence of a true Marwadi matrimonial festivity.

Bhanwar Singh Palace, Pushkar

Alok & Shreya


Wedding Highlights

Alok and Shreya’s wedding was a beautiful fusion of tradition and royal grandeur, set against the picturesque backdrops of Bhanwar Singh Palace and Taj Gateway in Pushkar. Their celebration was marked by several memorable highlights that encapsulated the essence of their love and heritage.

Our Wedding Makers

Venue: The choice of Bhanwar Singh Palace and Taj Gateway, Pushkar, for their wedding and reception, respectively, offered a blend of traditional Rajasthani architecture and luxurious ambiance, perfect for their royal theme.
Makeup Artist: Shades Jaipur ensured that Shreya looked absolutely stunning, with makeup that gracefully enhanced her natural beauty, fitting for a bride in a royal Marwadi wedding.
Entertainment: The wedding was elevated by the presence of Vikalp Mehta, known for his remarkable imitation of Akshay Kumar and his performances on the Kapil Sharma Show, adding a unique and entertaining element to the festivities.
DJ: DJ Nash kept the energy high with his mixes, ensuring that the dance floor was always lively, complementing the joyous occasion.
Photographer: Jaipur Photographers captured the essence of Alok and Shreya’s special day, documenting each moment with a keen eye for detail, ensuring that the memories of their royal wedding would be cherished forever.
These highlights, meticulously orchestrated by Show Mania, brought to life Alok and Shreya’s dream of a Royal Marwadi wedding, making it a grand celebration that reflected their love and the rich Marwadi traditions.