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How we arranged a wedding while blending traditions

The Punjabi groom, Aditya from Delhi, and the bride, Lauren from the US, found love across continents. Despite the miles between them, their love story is a testament to the fact that love knows no boundaries. Both professionals in New Jersey, decided to unite their worlds through a wedding that embraced their diverse cultures and heritages. Dreaming of a destination wedding, they chose the enchanting city of Jaipur to be the canvas for their love story, envisioning a celebration that combined traditional Indian rituals with Western concepts, symbolizing their cross-border union.
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The Palace by Park Jewels

Aditya & Lauren


Wedding Highlights

Destination Wedding in Jaipur: Selecting The Palace by Park Jewels as the venue, we capitalized on its majestic beauty to host a wedding that was nothing short of a fairytale. The palace’s historical significance and architectural grandeur provided the perfect setting for their dream wedding.
Cross Border Love: Emphasizing the union of two different cultures, the wedding festivities included traditional Indian ceremonies alongside a Western Christian wedding. This cross-cultural celebration was filled with love, joy, and unity.
Mehendi Ceremony: Set against a theme of pink pastels, the Mehendi ceremony was a soft, romantic affair that allowed the beauty of traditional Indian customs to shine through, reflecting Lauren’s graceful insertion into Aditya’s cultural heritage.
Sangeet Night: An evening of shimmers and glitters, the Sangeet was a vibrant celebration. Guests were mesmerized by the dazzling performances and the infectious energy that filled the air, making it an unforgettable part of the wedding.
Western Concept Christian Wedding: A highlight of the celebration was the Christian wedding ceremony, which was beautifully integrated into the festivities. The ceremony included the raising of toasts, heartfelt speeches, and wedding vows, showcasing the beautiful blend of their cultures. And that’s how Aditya and Lauren’s wedding was a blend to cultures and traditions. This destination wedding in Jaipur was one of our most successful projects that our team enjoyed the most!
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Our Wedding Makers

Venue: The Palace by Park Jewels
Photography: Vogue Shaire Pvt. Ltd. Photography from Delhi
Makeup Artist: Sizzling Scissors
Emcee: Upasna Chelani
DJ: DJ Rib
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