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Show Mania Events (SME) was established with one idea – to create magnificent experiences. This idea then gradually evolved and led to our growth from small projects in the neighbourhood to events that realigned the limits of the industry. SME grew into a trustworthy brand providing outstanding event management services.

Our Desire – Having a wedding or an event that is memorable in every way is what every client wishes for. Show Mania Events understands that and works towards achieving the one common objective – having an outstanding event. We go out of our way to give an experience that is etched in minds of not only our clients but their guests as well for years to come

We, at Show Mania, believe in making events memorable and we do both Personal events like Weddings and Corporate Events with the same passion and fervour

What do we do

Show Mania is an end-to-end Event Management firm. We believe every occasion is unique and consequently requires special planning, preparation and execution. From weddings of all kinds to official business events, we have valuable experience in all of them

Destination Weddings

The trend of destination weddings has taken up all over the world. Everyone wants to have their perfect wedding at a beach, on the mountains and at times at palatial venues!

Corporate Events

These events require an expertise of another kind, they are of an official nature and require thorough time management as well as arrangement of any amenities which need to be arranged.

Live Shows

Live events have another vibe to them altogether. They are more personal and ground the people around them. Musicians, theatre artists, comedians and many other artists are available for such events. 


Show Mania Events understands 
the nuances of organising an event and what goes behind the extravaganza

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A great wedding is the one where it seems like everything is going effortlessly spectacular. This takes a lot of prior planning, from selecting the perfect venue to having the right kind of wedding for the couple. We have successfully managed amazing weddings in forts, palaces as well as lake-surrounded venues.

Corporate Events

These have to be planned in advance and require a kind of professionalism which has to be maintained throughout the event. One has to finalise the perfect venue for this, the boardroom, amenities and food requirements if any. Before it starts, all the equipments are rechecked by us, in case any of them aren’t working, so that you have an uninterrupted event.

Social Parties

Hosting a party sounds amazing but there are a couple of decisions which have to be made. If one wants to host a memorable event, it has to be different. It can’t be just food, drinks and general merriment. We keep a check on all the innovations in the industry, from themes to innovative activities and ensure that a party isn’t just lost in the milieu of events.

Exhibitions & Conferences

Exhibitions are planned months in advance, even more if it is a big one. The vendors have to be informed about it with full details so that they have time to apply and participate. Conferences are of a similar nature, infact they have to have some refreshments as well as other arrangements which requires expert care.

Celebrity & Artist Management

Celebrities truly add an icing to the cake that is a big event. They keep the guests entertained and add an air of freshness. Managing their travel, communicating with the, and their accommodation, could definitely be a taxing task. We manage celebrities and artists seamlessly, letting nothing come in between your memorable event.

Birthday Parties

Special birthday coming up? Want to do something different than the same old food, drinks and conversations. We can plan the event in such a way that all your guests go back home with memories of the event, making it all the more special for everyone.

How We do

We like to keep it simple and thus believe in Planning, Designing and Execution as an important event needs special attention to details. The How, Why, When and What for every event will vary, however the core would be defining the Plan, converting it into a 3D Design for visualization and finally executing it successfully.


This is the first step in any event. Strong and effective planning is the pillar to any successful event and the overall experience depends on it. For this, we make it a point to first understand the need of our clients which sets us apart from other wedding planning companies in Jaipur. Once the needs are clearly understood, then we take into consideration other factors like – budget, timeline and audience which helps us in achieving the objective. Thus, planning is a must which is followed by design and execution.


This phase is all about making the plans come alive in the virtual world for a better understanding of the overall feasibility of the idea. What is suggested and what is expected may or may not be same, thus prior designing helps us in ruling out what is not viable and gives a clearer picture of the final outcome. Design, especially in 3 Dimension, will give us an idea of what the planning would translate into on the day of the big event.


Sound planning and designing is incomplete without perfect execution. If planning and designing are pillars, then execution is the backbone to any event. With our highly qualified team we have planned, designed and executed an array of weddings, live concerts and corporate events. We understand this highly dynamic industry and have worked with a number of vendors to manage some high-profile weddings and events, thus making Show Mania Events one of the best wedding planners in Jaipur.

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Winner of International Fame Award

Showmania Events and Entertainment was awarded with one of the most prestigious awards, the International Fame Award. The ceremony was held in the beautiful land of Goa and the award was presented to us by the highly talented Miss Universe 1994, Sushmita Sen.

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We think every wedding and every love story is special. We love weddings, big or small,
indoors or outdoors, whatever your dream is.

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