Whether you are planning a simple wedding or a destination wedding in India, hiring a professional has always been the right choice. The stress during the planning, and the chaos during the wedding month can take away your calmness, and that’s when the wedding planner comes to the rescue. And, when it comes to hiring a professional, a country like India where weddings are celebrated with full enthusiasm, gives you a lot of options; you might have already started searching top 10 wedding planners in India over the internet.

Perfect Wedding Planner
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So, to make your task easier, and to organize the checklist you would be needing while selecting a best wedding planner, we have prepared types of wedding planners which provides you some options to choose the right one for you.

  • Full-service wedding planner: If you want the professional to handle all the planning and organizing task, including even the small details, then this wedding planner is the right one for you. This type of planner will handle the design & decor, coordination, theme wedding &destination wedding in India, possible for you at an ease. It is mostly recommend for couples who are about to have lot of things into their wedding so as to remove or handle the complexities that may arise during the wedding.

    Full-service wedding planner
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  • Event designer: This one is right for you if planning to give utmost importance to the look of your wedding. Remember, this type of planner might be available to discuss the logistic organizing details, or timeline & budget planning in details. In short, they will act as an interior designer for a wedding event. The designing and decor concepts are the main skill set of the event designer, which will often turn your simple wedding into the mesmerizing one. You could stop searching for top 10 wedding planners in India if you need someone like this.

    Event designer
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  • Semi-pro planner: These are pro in advising and providing the suggestion for planning and organizing the whole wedding. If you need the whole blueprint for your wedding, and you are planning to execute the whole event yourself, these types of wedding planners are always the right one. You just need to give them a flat fee as charge to give you the bucket list of suggestions or as per your requirement to make the wedding successful.

    Semi-pro planner
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  • Coordinator for the day: When you plan a destination wedding in India, it very important that you have someone during the wedding event to make sure everything going right. The pro in the coordination is going to be the manager who will handle the conversation with the vendors, setup on the day, clean after the event, and will keep each and everything in order. This will allow you, your family members, and your friends free from the stress, and you can enjoy the whole event fully.

    Coordinator for the day
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So these were some of the planners, you can choose from to have the wonderful wedding event. For more such tips keep reading, and if you are looking for an amazing wedding planner, you can always contact us. We are here for you!

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