Every couple plans a wedding that is unique to them. Think of a big fat Indian wedding, not budget friendly?  Okay, now consider a closed circle wedding, comfortable much? Different wedding styles suit different couples, it’s really up to you, what sort of look and feel do you want. Let’s break down to a few wedding styles, that will help you decide.

  1. Let’s start with staying close to home, a backyard wedding. How does it feel to you?Here you can be as creative with the venue as you want, also be selective with the guest list, make it the way want it. This can be low budget as well as high. Make it starry!
  2. Next up in line are the Hotel weddings, mediocre (maybe) and well planned. Here you choose to be systematic and elegant. Unlike the last style, this is where you get a more formal get-together feel. Again your pocket size varies here.
  3. Royalty! Feels right? Make it grander with the huge family of yours. This Royal wedding of yours will give you events just way you have dreamed of, outstanding singers, exquisite food etc. Make it purely your type and don’t forget to sign the cheques.
  4. Festivals are great, aren’t they? Your wedding can be one too. Location, you decide. Guest list, you decide. Plan your ways and make it playful. Traditional is in! Think out of the box and make your special day more amazing. I know this sounds like a theme but why not? If this makes your day wonderful and changes the perspective with suited weddings and royal weddings, then let’s just do this.

You choose. Too much work ,still? Let one of the top event planners of Jaipur do it for you. Contact www.showmaniaevents.com for amazing events.


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