With so many celebs and business tycoons diving into the wedding mode, we decided to take a closer look at the decorations and arrangements in wedding and other functions to find out the best way to decorate your wedding venue!! Considering the importance weddings carry in our lives, we thought of bringing you the top wedding decor tips from the best wedding decorator in Jaipur. Here we go:


First, the Basics of Wedding Decor

Once you’re through with the selection of your wedding venue, you need to identify the spaces which need to be worked at! For this, you could either hire a professional wedding decorator in Jaipur or other locations. From the theme to flowers to be chosen, you need to make sure everything is in order before moving onto the next step!!


Next, Work Out with the Lights

So we have experienced those big ticket Bollywood functions and seen how having the perfect lights could level up the overall look and feel of the entire wedding decor! So either you get one of the top 10 wedding planner in India or start your hunt right away for the best lights that matches well with your decorations, the flowers, the tables, and perhaps everything!


What’s Special in Your Wedding?

Adding that extra element is required that distinguishes your wedding from the rest. Whether it is marrying at the hill top of some country (although, that would be a slightly uncomfortable way!), you have to have something unique!! For more decoration ideas and tips, you can checkout our other blogs to get better options! Else, you can hire us as your wedding decorator in Jaipur to make it easier for you!!


Make it Vibrant and Chic

Weddings, especially destination weddings should be vibrant and happy. It should be full of Colors and beautiful decor all around! Also, make sure to avoid thermocol, it is not only bad for your wedding decor as well as your environment. Also, avoid inflammable items in the process. It may turn out to be a total disaster!! Even the top wedding decorators and planners recommend to go with natural flowers balanced with other elements to retain that vibrant look!!


Keep these tips in mind if you want your wedding to be the best!! Also, in order to save yourself from the jargon, make sure to hire a reliable wedding Event Managment Companies  like us and get everything planned and executed without taking the stress!


What’s your favourite wedding decor? Let us know in the comment section below!!

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