Your wedding invitations are one of the first representations of your celebration’s vibe, whether it centers on a color palette, destination, season, or some other theme. They’re meant to inform your attendees of the event’s details, but they’re also a good way to get everyone excited about your big day.

  • Read all about it! How about including your invitation as part of a personalized newspaper? You can include photos of you both, funny stories about your time together and all the information your guests will need for the day including directions, accommodation, gift list details and more.

  • We love balloons and wedding invitations on balloons are the best. Have your details printed onto a balloon (matching your color scheme, obviously!) and then post them out, deflated, for a quirky wedding invitation.

  • Jigsaws are another great idea. Arrange for your design to be printed onto a cute little jigsaw and see which of your friends completes the puzzle first!

  • For an unusual wedding invitation, send a tea towel! Wedding Tea Towels are just fantastic and their take on the traditional wedding invitation can’t be ignored.

  • If you’re a chocoholic, a chocolate bar invitation is going to be just perfect. You could have the details printed on the wrapper itself or include them inside as a ‘Golden Ticket’ for the lucky recipient.

  • Secret wedding stationery is always a lot of fun. How about a wedding invitation that can only be read with 3D glasses?

  • Tie the knot invitations are just brilliant too. As your guests open the card, the knot inside tightens and the invitation is revealed.

  • Themed invitations give your guests a hint about what’s to come on the big day. Travel or cinema tickets, old-style vinyl records or even mini strings of bunting can all be great designs.

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