Seems like you don’t want to go for regular sweets to send with your wedding invitation cards. Luckily, you are at the right destination to explore some unique gift ideas. Below listed are some of the gifting options present to you by Show Mania. Believe us, this is going to leave a lasting impact on your wedding guests.

Potted Plants

If you want to be experimental with your ideas and thoughts which can inspire others. Potted plants are going to be a worth organic gift. Go green and send your guests a miniature potted plant, or go for large pot with enticing variety for a good impact.

Themed Candles

In case you don’t know your far-flung family members very well? Plus, you are confused about what to gift them with your wedding invites? Candles are one of the best and unique gift ideas that will save your day. You can have themed candles as they look elegant, smells really great and are very easy to order and send as a gift.


If you want to have an impactful wedding while following the tradition. Trust us, choosing coffee is going to be a guaranteed success. Select some exotic breeds of coffee plants and give your guests a unique gift to make their morning a happy one. In addition, you can take inspiration by Show Mania and their wedding event management companies to know how to do beautiful packaging.


Though this unique gift idea will cost you good but will be cherished and loved forever. Remember when you order the amount in bulk apparently the cost will be reduced. Plus, there you get a wide range of costs, so you can choose as per your budget.

Bath Salts And Perfumes

As we know couples are moving towards the trend of minimizing their guest’s list, decorations…
Bath salts and perfumes are the gift favours that will suit perfectly with the minimal themed weddings. Ensure to have good packaging in a superior quality of hamper and you are good to go.

Aroma Gift Set

Do you like the pleasing smell spread all around and a peaceful ambience you get to feel whenever you lit aroma in your home? The same way your guests will feel. Choosing this unique gift to send with your wedding invite is not only a good option but it will also be loved by your guests.

Goodie Basket

Instead of giving chocolates, cupcakes, candies… all separately. Combine them all in a basket and use various small pouches, containers to fill it with goodies. Additionally, you can contact the top 10 wedding planners in India through the official website of Show Mania and can ask them to customize it according to your wedding card.

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