Wedding bells have rung and now you are one step closer to get married to your special someone and make them the eternal part of your life. Wedding planning is not an easy task, but you can make it easier on yourself by preparing a checklist. This helps you to make sure that none of the big things are missing out. Showmania is here to help you out to make a checklist for your D-Day.

Plan And Set Your Budget

Making the budget for your wedding is the primary step. Have a  conversation with your bride-to-be and family members that how much they are going to contribute to your wedding. Also, think about the size of your wedding whether you want an intimate wedding or a more elaborate celebration.

Choose The Time And Place

After deciding the financial parameters now pick the date and the wedding location. The earlier you decide this, the better because these two factors depend on other preparation of your weddings like deciding your outfit and other formalities of your wedding. 

Determine Your Squad

You will have to look out your squad at least one year or 6 months before because you have a lot of friends but not everyone can be your Bestman or Groomsman. Choose those guys only who have always been there by your side and will always be there in the future.

Work On Details

Now that your wedding is coming close it is very important to look out the other details like decor, catering, guest lists, return gifts for the guests,  etc. You need to look out to these details at least a few months before so that everything is set on your wedding day and there is no confusion.

Finalize Your Accessories and Outfit

The most important step is to figure out what outfit you are going to wear to your wedding.  You need to check whether it is perfectly fit, it is ironed and if planned so it’s matching with the outfit of the bride.

Rehearse and Relax

Get your wedding vows and sangeet performance-ready. After all, the hustle-bustle just has a tight sleep. A night of good sleep is very important before your Wedding day so that you should look fresh.

These are the tips from Showmania, but one thing is frequent that this is the most awaited day of your life and live it to the fullest!!!

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