Wedding planning is a robust task and when it is your own wedding then you have to look after each and everything. From the guest list to the wedding outfit everything should be once checked by you. To make sure that you are not missing out anything  make a checklist which includes all the top priorities of your wedding

Wedding Outfit And Jewellery 

Your wedding outfit is the most important thing about your wedding. This is something you have dreamt about since childhood. So make sure that your outfit is ready on time with proper fitting and you have the matching jewellery too with the outfit. And most importantly, you are comfortable in it. 


Your bridesmaid is the most important person on the D-day, so choose your bridesmaid wisely. She should be the one who is always there by your side and can understand your feelings. She will be the one you will be there for you throughout the wedding.

Prepare Your Makeup Kit

When your dress and jewellery is ready now you have to prepare your makeup kit. Bring all the products required for your make up. Also, prepare a touchup kit too which will be required during the wedding. The makeup should be selected keeping in mind the colour of your lehenga and your skin-tone. 

Honeymoon Destination

Amidst your wedding planning, come up with some destination where you want to go for your honeymoon. Discuss with your partner and select the place. Check the details of the destination and book your tickets prior so that there should no confusion in the end.

All these to-dos should be followed by every bride. One most important tip would be to have a proper sleep and relax before your D-day to look fresh and elegant.



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