Well, this is considered as one of the most difficult tasks to convince and reveal this news to your orthodox parents. If you don’t get panicked and follow the right path, you may be able to successfully break the wedding news to your parents.

Acknowledge Your Parents’ Feelings

One of the best ways of delivering this news starts with empathy. Put yourself in your parent’s shoes. Honestly, how would you expect to feel under identical circumstances? Understand your parents’ feeling and their point of view and then proceed towards the next step.

Make An Action Plan

In order to achieve any goal, an action plan is a must. Remember nothing is more dangerous than having only one idea. Seek and enlist each and every possible thing and problem that can turn your success into failure. In addition to the list of problems also find solutions for each of them.

Choose A Family Member To Help And Guide You

Now in order to convince your parents and family first, take any one of your family members into account. This can be your mother, father, brother, sister, aunt, uncle… Choose wisely by thinking carefully because the selected person is going to play a major role in convincing and negotiating with your parents.

Consider Sticking To A Script

Prepare a script that would sound good and convincing in front of your parents. This can be emotionally appealing and relevant in the same way. Make sure to prepare both you and your companion for some possibly asked questions. Same and powerful answers will pay a really good impact on them.

Plan Out For A Meeting

Both you and your companion must affix a gathering. Ensure to set a proper day, date and time and be there as per the schedule. This meeting can be placed at home, in a restaurant or at any preferable place where you all can have a peaceful discussion.

Have A Direct Conversation

Afterwards, you and your partner along with the member to whom you’ve convinced can directly have a healthy talk with your parents. This method is both respectful and empathic, and cuts out any potential misunderstanding, without making the situation an unwanted compromise or negotiation

Points To Remember

Don’t let your parents share or discuss this thing with someone who is against love marriage. This is because he/she can create a problem and their opinions might work against you.

Give your parents some time to understand things in a better way. Let them take a decision and don’t be too pushy and clingy in your approach.


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