Indian weddings throb with diversity, culture, and outright weird customs. All of it combined makes it an unusual yet fascinating emotional affair! Every bride and groom undergoes a certain set of customs and rituals which they are asked to follow separately and together in order to start a happy journey without any obstacles. However, rarely they know what is the significance of each ritual or how will that impact their lives and in what ways! It’s just an age old tradition followed blindly! And not so surprisingly, most of it is practiced only in India! While different castes & religions follow different customs, here are some crazy wedding customs in their respective region you won’t believe exist!

Marrying a Tree

Perhaps carried only and solely in India, this custom is said to remove the ‘dosha’ of the bride who are ‘Manglik’. In this custom, the bride is asked to marry a Peepal tree before marrying anyone. The logic behind is still not clear but people believe that if the bride doesn’t marry a Peepal tree who is a ‘manglik’, either of the would-be-couple would die soon post the marriage.



Typically followed in Gujarati Weddings, this is particularly a very strange wedding custom. Followed before the groom enters the mandap, it’s a custom where the groom is welcomed by washing his feet with honey and milk by the bride’s parents as a token of respect and love. However, this is not it. The groom has to then drink this ‘potion’. Yeah, I sense that feeling in you too when I first found about this peculiar custom!


Ghada Gharoli

This is somewhat known. Punjabi weddings follow this custom called ‘ghada ghadoli’ and are followed on the wedding day itself. In this custom, the bride, before wearing her ‘shagun ka joda’, goes to the nearby temple with her mother to fill a pitcher full of water. She carries an earthen pot on her head to the temple, fills the ghada and then bathes with the holy water before wearing the wedding outfit.


Mother Not Allowed in Son’s Wedding

I don’t know why is this custom of not allowing the groom’s own mother to her son’s wedding!! But this happens in every Bengali wedding. And it is believed that she is not allowed for her son’s happy life after wedding. Weird, isn’t it?! It’s insane!!


Isn’t it crazy? People follow these customs blindly and find logic behind everything else! And for organizing all these customs and wedding functions, they consult professional event planners in Jaipur or elsewhere. It does make sense too, you know, to hire a reliable wedding decorator in Jaipur and be free from the chaos & fuss of all the responsibilities of conducting a wedding affair! So, while you may do that, let us know which of these traditions you find the most strange of all in the comments below!

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