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Wedding event management is not as easy as it sounds. From arranging small weddings in a neighborhood to present day luxurious weddings, Show Mania Events has seen it all. Every wedding we handle is different as the needs, requirements and budget guidelines are different for each wedding. Also, the clients we handle are not same in the sense that some are hesitant in the beginning when it comes to hiring a wedding planner and some confidently assign all the responsibilities to us. However, we strive to make their experience extraordinary and surpass their expectations. Time and again we face questions like what exactly do wedding planning companies do, what goes in successfully planning, designing and executing weddings. Some of the best wedding planners in the country has an ultimate checklist for your big day. The venue, theme, and décor may vary as per the finances; however, the basic steps to follow remain the same. And today we will discuss some of those in detail.

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    • Venue Selection: once you make an approximate baseline to the amount you would like to spend on the wedding and have made the guest list, the most important decision is the venue selection. Be it destination wedding or you plan to tie the knot in the same city, a lot of factors depend on selection of venue perfect for your special day –

      • Availability: the venue should be available on your wedding dates. And hence, we suggest booking it months in advance of your wedding dates.

      • Accessibility: it should be easy to reach the venue as your guests come from different areas and cities of the country, they should be able to find the location easily.

      • Facilities: see is there are a couple of rooms in the venue, the basic furniture they provide and also the architecture of the venue and see if it will complement the decoration you would like on the final day.

      Venue Selection
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    • Theme and Decor: once you settle with a venue comes yet another significant decision of choosing the right themes and décor for different wedding ceremonies. You can go for different themes for different functions. Mehendi should be vibrant and colorful and hence Rajasthani carnival theme would look the best, Sangeet is yet another cheerful and dramatic function and we suggest Bollywood theme for it. The wedding day should be nothing less than regal and suggest Royal Rajwada theme for the same. This just to give a basic idea, there are number of other themes suitable for every ceremony.

      Theme and Decor
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    • Hospitality: your beloved guests spare time from their busy schedule to be a part of your special day and make it memorable, it is your responsibility to make their stay comfortable and relaxed to make their experience at the wedding surpassing the ordinary. Providing them with the best hospitality will make them feel special and wanted at every juncture of the grand celebrations.

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Apart from the above mentioned important points, factors like – entertainment, invitation designing, trousseau and gift packing could also be looked into depending on the requirements of the client.

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