Show Mania Events is not a new name when it comes to event industry. We have expertise in handling all sorts of events like destination weddings or corporate event planning or live events and trade show to name a few. Corporate events are different from weddings and award shows. These are basically events organized by companies to communicate a message to the right target audience. Corporate events are supposed to be planned strictly under the guidance of professional help and that’s how corporate event planners come into the picture. Company events are a big deal because the desired message or vision is supposed to be communicated to the target audience – employees, existing or new clients, board of directors or others, and any sort of mis-management can tarnish the brand. Hence, professional guidance is really important so that they can take care of the event while you try to have a fruitful communication within the company and with other stakeholders.

Corporate Event Planner
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The types of corporate event planning could be: –

  • Talent recognition party

  • Business success party

  • Employee holiday

  • New product launch

  • Any philanthropic activity

  • Company anniversary

  • Party for the dealers, suppliers or other clients

The target audience for every corporate event is different and different strategies need to be planned for the same. Show Mania events have an experience of more than 10 years in the event management field and we have organized a number of events for some of the most reputed companies of Jaipur. Apart from organizing destination weddings in major cities of Rajasthan, we also cater to corporate event planning in the off season and have successfully planned some of the finest events for big names in Jaipur. When it comes to decor for corporate events, we only think of stage, sound, marketing collaterals and presentations, however in reality there are a number of decor options that could be used to make the event more interesting and venue more visually pleasing. Today, we will discuss some of the most iconic decoration ideas for corporate event planning that you surely won’t hesitate in using.

  • Lights: corporate events are generally organized in banquet spaces, and have the right light in closed spaces is really important. Being a corporate event planner and having organized over 100 events, Show Mania events feel the type of lights used can either make the venue feel more elegant or could be a turn off as well. And you would of course want the venue to look perfect for a memorable and impactful event.

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  • Branding: this aspect plays vital role in corporate event planning. Having banners, standees, flexes, pamphlets and logo of the brand on stationery and other elements is really important for a Top Of Mind Recall. Presence on the right marketing tools is also important when it comes to pre-event branding. This could be done by sending emailers, running offers and contests on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and sharing interactive content on social media sites.

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  • Hospitality: corporate event planner feels there will always be VIP guests or spokesperson and hence hospitality becomes an important aspect of corporate event planning. Flawless and impeccable hospitality will make the stay of your esteemed guests memorable and this will surely earn you brownie points.

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Hope you liked these little insights on corporate event planning. For planning an upcoming event in your company get in touch with us at +91 9680555187.

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