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Showmania's event planners are ready to help you design the event of your dreams. From anniversary decorations to surprise parties and birthday celebrations to large corporate events, we will make sure to make every celebration of yours a BIG HIT! Planning a wedding is a hectic task for couples having a busy schedule but that is exactly where the Showmania step in. Who wouldn’t want a hassle-free wedding? Wedding planning companies or wedding planners meet your expectations because they perfectly know what to do for your wedding and that too as per your preferences. So, if you are also searching for professionals and dedicated wedding planners. Contact at Showmania.

Importance of Events

  • Events provide opportunities to network with peers and the community.
  • As elderly people's independence ebbs and flows, social activities can help them feel less lonely
  • Socialising can boost self-esteem and encourage a positive outlook.
  • Last but not least, social events are enjoyable! You meet new people and have new experiences

Birthday Party

Birthdays are moments of joy and happiness and thus, deserve a huge celebration. Having the excitement of throwing a birthday party is quite genuine. But how to go about planning and organising a birthday bash? It doesn't matter if you are planning a grand birthday bash or want it to be a close-knit affair. We can customize the event as per your event and help you make the best out of your special day!

Anniversary Party

The anniversary is a day which is most-awaited and exciting for married couples. And why should it not? After all, it is the day when they got. If it is your anniversary and you are planning to celebrate it, you must be excited about this. But with the excitement, there comes the pressure of the organization of this special day. But do not worry about this, Showmania will give you all the solutions for the planning and organising of your anniversary. We have a wonderful team to fill up your special day with perfection


Award Function

We understand the tremendous importance of award ceremonies as a premier event that showcases performance, talent, achievements and contributions. Therefore, we engage with the best in the industry to provide cutting-edge stage design, backdrops, lighting effects, sound and ambient effects. We offer complete event management of award ceremonies, from planning and designing to organising and implementing. We can take care of hosting, screen displays, creative presentations as well as source awards such as trophies, plaques, etc. all in-house - to ensure your complete peace of mind.

College Fest

A huge college fest cannot be done without a good fest organiser. And if you choose us, we give you the best platform and service to make your college fest grand. We deal with different kinds of fests like technical fests, management fests etc. We will give you the best music, audio, catering, and security services. We are always ready to serve you with perfection and you should give us a chance if you want it to be done for you.



Without planning, structure and executive capability, an opening ceremony is doomed before it can begin. We generate a game plan that takes into consideration the ground realities. We are also prepared for all possible contingencies. Other practicalities such as the budget and timeline also need to be taken care of. A well-developed schedule keeps events flowing evenly and rivets the audience. Our team remains on standby during the entire event so that continuity is never hampered. We also source entertainers and promoters who can inspire and represent products and services in their best light.

School events


A school event is always a special one because every single activity that happens in school becomes an unforgettable memory in a student’s life. At Showmania Events & Entertainment, we are specialized in all the school events including Annual days, Sports days, Admission events, International study programs, School Conferences & Seminars etc. We are specialized in organising school annual days and graduation days. We bring the best possible artist and the MCs with maximum activities and entertainment where everyone will be entertained.


Sport events


Organising a sporting event requires a lot of preparation, logistical planning, and a key understanding of the sport itself. From sourcing a venue and enlisting a suitable number of volunteers to arrange all-weather preparations and day-of logistics, a lot goes into putting together a successful event. At Showmania Event & Entertainment, we have worked with multiple organizations to plan their sports events! From tema sports meet to sports fundraisers, we plan it all in time!

  • We are experienced
  • We understand requirements of sports events
  • We have huge industry connections to plan a sports event
  • We plan within budget
  • We are SPORTY TOO!



At Showmania Events & Entertainment we have acquired the status of the most efficient Musical Concert Organizer in Rajasthan. As one among the many event management companies in Jaipur, we can make proper arrangements and small and large scale concerts with ease. The highlight of our services as a Musical Concert Organizer is that we can arrange theme-based concerts in open-air spaces as well as halls and theaters!

We plan

  • Theme
  • Security
  • Celebrity management
  • Ticketing
  • Catering
  • Decor & more...

Why Choose us ?

With a team that has more than 10 years of experience in managing events, we are here to plan unforgettable concerts that exceed your expectations, foster relationships, and wow your senses! Planning a concert soon? Here’s why you should choose us:

  • End to end planning support
  • Overall management
  • Creative planning
  • Quality & timely execution
  • Industry tie-ups
  • Experience in hosting concerts

How Show Mania Events & Entertainment Makes Events Successful ?

  • 1.We start planning as early as possible!
  • 2.We always have all event related details in one place before we start planning!
  • 3.We set objectives with quantifiable metrics to assess progress with clients!
  • 4.We plan & execute within budget, while ensuring quality!
  • 5.We plan events as per target audience & guest list!