Planning an event can be a daunting task. Any misstep can change affect your whole event. For the proper functioning of the event, it is very important to have a strategic checklist in the planning phase and then refine the details later. It is very important to have a Plan B if in case of Plan A fails. Showmania events here brings you a checklist which you should keep in mind before planning any event-

Form A Budget

Before starting to plan an event the and first and foremost thing is to look into the budget. Money will always be a factor in any decision made. Segregate your expenditures according to the requirements of the events so that there is no imbalance of money.

Bigger Task  First

Don’t waste your time planning smaller tasks. Look after the bigger task first like deciding the location catering, entertainment, and the date first. Make sure to check the calendar in advance. Be positive about the date you choose is most available to everyone.  Your event will be just a waste if everyone doesn’t turn up.

Coordination Between The Staff

They are the most important people. Treat them with respect. They are at the event hours in advance to help set up and hours after to take down everything. Make sure that these people are given something to do at all ends of time so that they can be productive in critical hours of your event process.


The hospitality of the event should be at its best. Make sure you and your staff are approachable and kind to the people you have hired for the event. It seems like a basic step, but it is the most important step to impress the companies/guests around you and the people you’re working with.

These are the few points that will make your planning structure easier…

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