The Decoration of your wedding will define your photographs, everyone wants a perfect click, don’t they? So, let’s get rolling with some out-of-this-world ideas for the decoration of your wedding.

Take a hint from the season.  Plan your Décor depending on what month or season it is. This will accentuate the best parts of that season, like the warmth of summer or the gorgeous winter scenery.

Express your history. Make sure to include special details about your relationship in your decoration choices. After all, this is a celebration of your new life together as a married couple, so this is a perfect opportunity to include the details of your time together.

Consider a special place for your wedding. For example, if you met at a park, you could weave a garden décor throughout the wedding, using bright florals and lots of greens. Maybe you met at the beach or on a cruise, so including a nautical theme would fit perfectly.

Keep it Traditional. Indian culture has indelible colors, tastes, and textures that will make your wedding highly personal and meaningful for both families and the friends and loved ones who attend. Don’t be afraid to include meaningful elements from your family’s background.

Reflect your unique styles and personalities in the Décor. Feel free to choose what you both love and weave your personalities into the wedding. Choose the Décor that expresses your individuality.

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