Weddings are a once in a lifetime experience for people, and all of us want it to be perfect. For this, we try to choose the perfect dress, the perfect location, the perfect cake and sometimes the perfect partner too. Then why choose the perfect palette?

Palettes color code everything, make everything look streamlined and add that extra bit of magic to a rather magical evening of your life.

You can go with thousands of color palettes available but that can be really confusing, especially when the wedding is yours. We have made it really easy for you and selected some of the best color palettes for you.


  1. Black + White

The combination of black and white can never go out of style. The most subtle look that you can have is an all-white one with black accessories and you will be ready for the classiest wedding of the century.

BEST FOR: Winter Weddings

  1. Peach + Sage

These two colors blend very gracefully. They thrive when you are having an open-air reception. Pink roses coupled with white make the setting calm and peaceful just the way you intended.

BEST FOR: Summer or Spring wedding

 Gold + Black

It wouldn’t be an Indian wedding if it doesn’t have a little bling, would it?  Sharp black against luxe, glittering gold is for couples looking to “bring it” on their wedding day.

BEST FOR: Every wedding.


In the end just remember that your wedding day is already the most magical and special day of your life and it will be memorable anyways. The palette will just ensure the perfect hue of your memories.

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