Wedding Invitation Cards That Are Under INR 500
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Sending online invites on whatsapp or sharing a link of your wedding website may be the hottest selling trend lately, but there are still many of us who like the old school invitations with proper gifts to let everyone know that yes, she (or he) is getting married on so and so date!

Also, a box of sweets is definitely not the only thing that can be paired with the wedding invite. If you really want to know some cost-effective gifting ideas, then consult your wedding event planner in Jaipur. Here are some of the top gifting ideas that are not only cost effective but also quite enticing!

  • A Gift Hamper:

    A Gift Hamper
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    A mix of products that can either be pack of edibles, or mini products of creams & perfumes, or even chocolates that are not easily available in the market could be an amazing way to tell your attendees that they are dear to you and their presence on your D-day holds a lot of importance.

  • Assorted Tea:

    Assorted Tea
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    Indians are best known for their slangs and their tea habits! When in doubt, have a sip of chai! That’s what they do right?! So yes, on your wedding day, make sure you let everyone taste the sweetness of your tea by offering them assorted tea boxes or packages.

  • Gourmet Popcorn:

    Gourmet Popcorn
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    Now this can be very experimental, and at the same time show your modern and open-minded culture too! Keeping all the judgments aside, this can be an extremely good option if you are hosting a budget destination wedding India.

  • Scented Candles:

    Scented Candles
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    Candles resemble light, good, and positivity. And believe you me; scented candles can never be out of fashion! Ask your wedding event planner in Jaipur for some good suppliers and buy them in bulk!

  • A Wine Glass Set:

    A Wine Glass Set
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    Wine glasses have their own class. They can never be a mismatch for anyone! You can easily find cheap wine glass sets or in pairs which you can offer to your guests along with your wedding invitation card!

These were some amazing ideas of gifts which can you utilize while planning your budget destination wedding India or any other type of wedding! You can easily connect with any of the top 10 wedding planner in India like us to organize your wedding in the most spectacular way!

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