The most amazing part of your courtship period is that you have a number of pre-wedding parties to throw.  Your relatives also have a next-level excitement for your wedding parties. Keep your wedding dates marked in your calendar from engagement to the final wedding date and buy a few new outfits for the party. If you are confused about the Pre-Wedding ideas then here we are with awesome wedding ideas for you-

Bridal or Couple Shower

The bridal shower is mainly an all-female celebration party in the honor of the bride. Guest enjoy the games and meals at the party and the brides open the gifts in front of everyone. Nowadays, however, people are opting a couple shower too where both the bride and groom are showered with the blessings of everyone.

Bachelor or Bachelorette Party

How can someone forget about hosting the Bachelor or Bachelorette party? People dream about it since their wedding date is fixed. It could be a celebratory night or the weekend trip where the bride and the groom can go traditionally wild and enjoy their last few moments of singlehood.

Bridesmaid Lunch

You can organize an intimate gathering for your bridesmaid to thank them to be there with you during the wedding planning. You can present them gifts in a pleasant environment.  It is also a way to enjoy the meal happily with your bridesmaid before the hustle-bustle of the wedding begins.

Rehearsal Dinner

Like its name, the rehearsal dinner is the dinner that is held before the wedding date which includes only the close family members. Whilst the dinner ceremony goes on people can practice their speeches which they will give in the honor of the bride and groom during the reception.

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