Doesn’t everyone adore it when weddings are a gorgeous mix of east and west? We love this blend of fascinating cultures.Let’s keep a trail of global trends because we all relish viewing them welded in Indian wedlocks. 

Bridal Shower

The ceremony of a bridal shower is traditionally a gathering with the bride and her dearest confidants and family. This party incorporates a few games, attractive décor and of course showering the bride to be with presents. We all want to see this event fused in Indian weddings today! Don’t we? There is simply no pleasanter method to use an afternoon than with your enchanting girls!

Flinging off the boutonniere

This startling ceremony of tossing the bouquet is something most bachelor girls at wedlock look forward to, in the west. The fiancée (most frequently is blindfolded) flings her bouquet to the single ladies and it is assumed that the lady who catches the bouquet will get partnered next. Imagine an Indian bride throwing her lively bouquet, it could be such an enjoyable photo moment too!

Sit down dinner gatherings

We all know we are bored with the usual Indian wedding receptions, they are mostly all about the bride and groom standing in a spotlight, maybe on a stage, being blessed by the diverse guests attending. 

Though today that tradition has often shifted to the western style sit down feasts which involve allotted table reservations, wows, etc. Sounds more relaxing!

Bridesmaids and Groomsmen

This thought of bridesmaids and groomsmen is a different tradition being fused in Indian weddings. All the girls come in with color-coordinated vigorous Indian wear and the boys try to match too. This is a great opportunity for the bride and groom to contribute time with their dearest friends and capture some great moments too (Pre-planning is the key).

The opening dance

We all cherish to swing and the tradition of the first dance has also been embraced to our desi weddings, in some regions! 

The bride and groom would most suitably prepare with a choreographer in the dates leading to the marriage. You know, they need to put together a display to one of their favorite songs and we know you want it to be perfect.

Registered Gifts

How frequently have we accepted gifts we didn’t want or we previously possess? 

The gift registry (extremely popular with weddings globally), is an exceptional way to circumvent receiving multiples of the identical item. The duo chooses their wish list of pieces from a market, bestows it with fellows and therefore assures they get precisely what they fancy!


Further, we have one of the best moments, which is the flower girl delivering flower leaves and stepping down the aisle before the bride’s appearance with her dad.How about a little princess in a little Indian outfit strolling down the path towards the mandap with the gorgeous bride and her father. Such a wonderful moment!

Exchanging vows

Exchanging vows is one of the most crucial times of a wedding’s rituals, in the west.This could be fused with the proverbial vows or even personalized vows that the bride and the groom could pen down for each other – either way, this is stunning incorporation in Indian wedlock!

The best event planners in Jaipur are waiting to make your wedding fantastic and full of excitement. Go ahead! Happy Wedding!

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