Event planning industry sounds glamorous, where you get to select food, see luxurious venues and meet a dozen of people almost every day. Well who wouldn’t want to have such an exciting and alluring work life!! Show Mania events are an end – to – end wedding and corporate event planner based in Jaipur city of Indian state of Rajasthan. Yes, passion and interest is important to get into this field but more than that even knowledge is equally important. That’s exactly when Show Mania event has become the top event management company in Jaipur, we hire people who have graduated in event management, there are a lot of schools/ colleges providing course in the same. It is our sheer professionalism which has made us the preferred choice when it comes to corporate event planning and destination weddings in Rajasthan. Event management industry is highly dynamic and one needs to be constantly on their toes to be at par with the latest trends.

Corporate Event Planner
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Corporate event planning comes with more responsibilities and managing one is different from planning weddings and other events. Handling a corporate event requires professionalism and expertise and thus companies eagerly look for corporate event planners to manage the special events where major stakeholders are involved. Corporate events are just not about seminars and meetings; these could also be product launch, employee recognition parties, reaching out to new or existing clients or could also be for top management and other stakeholders. Thus, message that needs to be conveyed should be very well communicated with the corporate event planner. You must be thinking anybody these days can become an event planner; however it is more than just about the interest and ability to speak to different people. Today we will give insights on what makes a perfect event planner.

  • Ability To Multitask: yes, this aspect is very important in corporate event planning. Event planners have incredible ability to handle plethora of situations and aspects of event planning all at once. Be it communicating with the vendors or with the point of contact in the company or coordinating with their internal team or brainstorming communication strategy for the event this happens at the same time. Thus, having ability to deal with varied situations at the same time is a pre-requisite.

    Ability To Multitask
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  • Must Like To Travel And Meet People: as a corporate event planner, you will be required to go for recce of properties in remote locations, meet different vendors and clients every day. You must have an appetite to travel and communicate with people all sorts to understand their requirements and propose business accordingly.

    Must Like To Travel And Meet People
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  • Make Connection: apart from flawless execution of work, a corporate event planner should also be able to make connection with client at personal level to understand their needs and requirements. Having a connection will develop a comfort level and help you plan event as per their vision.

    Make Connection
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  • Should Be Creative: as we have previously mentioned event planning is a highly dynamic industry, corporate event planner must be creative enough to deliver the message or plan the same event in a different and creative way.

    Should Be Creative
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Hope these insights in corporate event planning help you find a professional planner for upcoming event in your company.

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