If you have been to any wedding, you would have seen yourself picking up escort card, walking toward the table and wondering how does this smooth management works. Well, it’s nothing but a wedding seating arrangement that have been carried out by the professional in a manner that everything seems to be automatic. Many Indian wedding planner in the past have made sure to arrangement such system where the responses have been extremely great.

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Easier said than done! You will hear by some Indian wedding planner. Even if you have planned each and every part of your wedding, this one thing could lead to chaos. So, it is always better to plan such things before it creates a problem. Here, we have tried to make some suggestions regarding the same for your better analysis.

  • Over thinking should be avoided: The wedding event is a very long process; your guest will sit at the table for around 90 minutes or so and a lot of people will have to sometimes compromise with the members in their group. So, don’t stress yourself to break all your guest into the most perfect group ever. They got plenty of time to hangout with their loved ones. During the meal course, they will spend around 3 hours; you would need to work really hard to break into great group. So, we just to let something go with the flow. They will find their perfect mate and most probably they will make some bond even with strangers. Put focus on your dream of best wedding destinations in India, talk with your planner and you will be fine.

    Over thinking should be avoided
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  • Assign table – Assign seats: Wedding escort cards are the best way to create a smooth arrangement. You put some really great efforts in planning budget destination wedding India, but pay attention to this small detail as well. In most of the weddings, assigning table number for your guests without any specific seat for them works fine. When it comes to plated meal having multiple food courses for selection or a multi-course meal, assigning specific seats should be taken into consideration. What you could do is place the escort cards at the entry where guests will pick them up. Then, have place cards over the table which they will match with their escort cards. Other option could be that you could just align these escort cards with seat number and table number on a single seating chart, through which they will find where they would need to sit. Voila!

    Assign table – Assign seats
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  • Seating for the couple: The seating for the couple is the sweetheart table, made for both the partner. Wedding is all about the people you care, and it would not be right if the couple sits aloof, separated from the closed ones. Any professional Indian wedding planner would suggest you to keep the couple table in between the floor plan, not at the one edge. This way you could surround the couple with maximum number of people and specially their closed ones. This is avoid them by the feeling of loneliness.

    Seating for the couple
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