Be it budget destination wedding India or your big day in best wedding destinations in India, there are a few traditions and rituals that are specific to a community. The biggest example is that of the tradition of wearing Chuda or kalire by the bride. Indian wedding planner suggests that this tradition was restricted to just Punjabi weddings. But gradually the tradition is now accepted by other communities as well and we see special preparations and arrangements made by families for chuda giving and kalire ceremony. Weddings in India are a potpourri of emotions and rituals and one can find a plethora of rituals that are restricted to a particular community. However, the modern day weddings crafted by Indian wedding planner are wholeheartedly accepting the small rituals as a part of the much awaited special day in their family in best wedding destinations in India.

Importance Of Chuda And Kalire For Your Big Day
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Having a wedding planner these days is really important as they will take care of all your wedding arrangements and stress so that you can enjoy wedding festivities with your esteemed guests. With trend of getting married in best destination weddings in India, the one stop shop to all your needs would be none other than Show Mania events. We are an Indian wedding planner and cater to all your wedding event management needs. Be it budget destination wedding India or a big fat wedding, we specialize in crafting exclusive luxurious weddings in major cities of Indian state of Rajasthan including – Jaipur, Jodhpur, Udaipur, Bikaner and Pushkar to name a few. We have been in the industry for over a decade and have planned a number of big days in best wedding destinations in India including majestic forts, palaces and heritage properties of Rajasthan.

Best wedding destinations in India
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The ritual of giving chuda and kalire from the groom to the bride is also quite precious. Along with other gifts, the chuda and kalire are packed beautifully and given to the bride to be worn on the day of wedding. Kalire marks a special ritual before the Bidai, when the bride shakes her hands on the head of her bridesmaids and it is said if any piece of kalire falls on anyone, she is the next one to get tie the knot. There are many designs available when it comes to kalire. Floral kalire is something in trend these days. For your budget destination wedding India, you can also have beautifully crafted floral kalire in pastel colors made out of fresh flowers for your big day in best wedding destinations in India. Indian wedding planner suggests that chuda and kalire have become a must have accessory for brides these days. They can choose to wear chuda for a day or for over a month depending on the traditions and beliefs of the families. Kalire are always in golden but you have quirky hanging with these of elephants or flowers or birds depending on your personal choice.

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