Stage design for corporate events may not be as detailed and elaborate as a performance stage, but there are many important aspects you must consider in your corporate event planning. Show Mania events is a wedding planner and event organizer based in Jaipur city of Rajasthan. We have been in the industry for over a decade now and have planned a number of corporate events for some of the most reputed firms of Jaipur and nearby cities. Corporate event planning is at times highly ignored aspect of event management, however the scenario is changing and corporate are now looking for professional expertise to make their upcoming event memorable for all. And that’s exactly when we come into the picture. Once the mission, vision and message of the event are clearly communicated, we are all set to start the corporate event planning process.

Impactful Stage Design Tips
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Every corporate event has a speaker or a set of speakers and presenters and thus setting up a stage for them is one of the important aspects of planning the event. The idea or process may seem simpler and easier as compared to the elaborate design of a performance stage, however, the success of a presentation and people delivering the message depends to a great extent on the small and minute details related to the stage like – size, lights, sound, accessibility, and selection of mic or microphone to name a few. Show Mania corporate event planner suggests that for an impactful presentation and / or speech stage design should be carefully planned. Success of corporate event planning will depend to a great extent on this factor. Well, we are not trying to scare you. Just stating what is important. Today, we are going to present a few tips to have impactful stage design for upcoming event in your company.

  • Stage Height: this is a crucial aspect when it comes to stage visibility, height should be chosen in a way that the last person of the last row can see the stage clearly. Corporate event planner suggests a standard riser of 1.5 feet is best suited for corporate events. Having a small staircase of 3-4 steps can make the stage easily accessible for all.

    Stage Height
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  • Stage Light: yet another important aspect for making your stage look more impactful is the use of light. You have to smartly plan when the stage needs to be dark and when there should be ample light to see the speaker and other happenings at the stage. When the use of spotlight for the anchor is required and when the speaker is addressing the audience or giving presentation, the entire stage should be lit up.

    Stage Light
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  • Clear Audio: yet another significant aspect of corporate event planning is the audio. You have to have a sound check before the commencement of the event. Sound testing is very important; make sure the audio is clear and audible for everyone.

    Clear Audio
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Hope these essentials for a successful corporate event planning were helpful. If you are looking for a corporate event planner for upcoming event in your company, get in touch with us at +91 9680555187.

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