The bitter truth is that most of the corporate events are going to be un entertaining sometimes, and we think that we should all admit it. There’s nothing wrong in it because the reason is unawareness, after all corporate event planning is not everyone’s cup of tea. So, there could be boring food, not so amazing venues, and at times awkwardness during the party. And, believe us that this is not good for your organization.

Spice Up Any B2B Event
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Many have already realized that how important it is to have one best corporate event planner in your list when it comes to corporate events. There are some business benefits, and along with it, it should be personalised and a bit more fun. So if you are too thinking to spice up your next event in the corporate world, we have come up with some of the ideas to help you out.

  • Not just free dinner: The biggest mistake you could do during corporate event planning is to just provide free dinner passes to your prospects. Let us tell you that it isn’t fun anymore, and most of the time your prospect doesn’t care about it. Instead, be more personalised and try to involve them into your thing by adding a little innovation, a little mystery to the dinner. It creates an excitement when nobody except the organizer knows the location of the dinner and who all are invited. So, basically surprise them, hold their interest. This will be remembered by them for their whole life. You could even involve a professional corporate event planner if you can’t do it alone.

  • Not just ballroom: Yes there are specific places in the corporate for the specific tasks, and most of your events are held at ballroom. It is true that ballroom provides the enough space and gives the feel of the corporate event, but you would too agree that it is not at all unique. Try to get away from the boring ballroom, and think out of the box for next corporate event planning idea.

    Not just ballroom
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    The idea could be anything like, a cocktail party on the rooftop which obviously provides the great view and tranquillity. An idea to host the event in an open tent could be another master plan, or maybe you could become a little local to give your prospect to feel like their home location.

  • Not cliche food items: Be creative, and if you can’t it is always advisable to hire a professional corporate event planner who will take care of your decor, food, and maybe a performance to entertain your prospects. You don’t need to fancy while choosing food items, the variety and the personalisation again will do the wonder in this as well. Pay attention to small details like your early attendees could be served with the coffee. Even the simple food could do wonders – add all the crazy flavors for the ice cream lovers, or bring in the local dishes to serve that will have a lasting impression on all your prospects. Consult with your professional and you will find plenty of options.

    Not cliche food items
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