Budget Wedding in India
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Yes, organizing a budget destination wedding India is possible. If you think this is a dream, wake up and smell the coffee!

We suppose you must have read plenty of blogs on our website on the best event decoration ideas, tips for the bride and groom and so much more, now we have something to blow your mind! Yes, hosting a grand budget destination wedding India at the lowest possible rate.

Destination weddings or weddings in your own place, whatever you choose, we will help you organize it at the lowest possible rate as your wedding and event planner in Jaipur and anywhere in the country! Cutting on costs doesn’t mean cutting on enjoyment and all the fun you do otherwise. It is just a cost-effective way of organizing a grand event while saving some money which you can utilize in planning a better honeymoon or buying a better car maybe? Or just like that!

  • Cut Down on Dress Budget:

    Cut Down on Dress Budget
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    No girl or guy should ever compromise on his or her dream wedding. We quote this in capital letters for you: ‘NO GIRL OR GUY SHOULD EVER COMPROMISE ON HIS OR HER DREAM WEDDING’. But spending unnecessary money on expensive outfits is no fun.

    You can instead go for cheaper options. In Delhi, for instance, buying a wedding dress from the local market called ‘Chandni Chowk’ is a saner choice than wearing a designer dress. Or better, you can simply rent your outfit. It doesn’t even cost much, and you can also wear something of your choice which will glam up the occasion without pressing your parents on loosening their pockets on a dress you are crazy for! Being one of the best wedding planners in India, we can help you with most of the tasks to organize the best wedding in town for you!

  • DIY Wedding Parties:

    DIY Wedding Parties
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    Rather than making lavish bookings in an expensive venue and paying for everything, why not adapt the DIY style! DIYs can be extremely helpful in event decor ideas for your wedding decoration, food, venue, and even parties. You can easily crack a fair deal on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram or the king of DIY: YouTube!!

    Also, as the leading budget wedding event planner in Jaipur, we have a good hold on a lot of things to make everything a piece of cake for you. You can check out more details about us on our main page.

  • Go for Combos:

    Go for Combos
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    These days, a lot of websites offer you good combination of services which is not only better in terms of saving time but also money! For instance, you can easily crack good deals to hire a venue + food together. In fact, we have contacts to help you find the best venues and food services for your budget destination wedding India without going over budget. You just need to play smart here, it’s all about hitting the right spot at the right time.

The easiest deal is to hire the best wedding planner like us for you and let him organize everything for you without you taking the stress. The best part? They’ll do everything according to your budget and your dream wedding plans you share with them!

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