Wedding planning is tedious enough. Add a foreign locale to the mix, and you are bound to have more work on your hands. The fact that you want to tie the knot at an exotic location is a given, but you’ll need to factor in several other variables to arrive at the most suitable choice.

Finalize Your Guest List.

Create your guest list and determine how many people you are going to invite.  Then estimate how many of those people will actually attend.  If you are going to have only 30 guests attending you might want to exclude huge resorts with over 1,000 rooms, might vary.

Consider Your Style and Favourite Travel Spots, choose the Backdrop.

Make a list of the events you want to have, and think about the venues and the time for each.  For each event, think about whether you want them on the beach, in a garden, on a rooftop, in a ballroom, on a terrace overlooking the ocean, around a pool or in another location?

Determine Your Budget.

Check the season, reach your Destination in advance.

Take a Planner’s Advice (Destination wedding Planners of Jaipur).

The world is your altar, and no city or country—close-by or far-flung—is off limits. Allow your sensibility as a couple to navigate this meandering road of choices. Luxury-loving couples may find their match in the palace hotels of Rajasthan, grand facades of Austria or the opulence of the Middle East. Destinations like Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Spain are favourites with beach bums. The Bahamas, Las Vegas and Hawaii are other go-to destinations.

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