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Have you ever attended any of your friend’s or relative’s wedding? What do you notice there apart from the arrangements, food, and stuff like that? Well, I’m sure it is the location at which you are supposed to head for the wedding ceremony and the wedding venue without doubt! Wedding venues mark how well you have planned your wedding and if you are actually spending a good amount of money to treat your guests well or have a wedding just for the namesake! Believe it or not, having or not having a decent wedding venue does harm your goodwill in front of your guests to a great extent. So beware!! If you have a wedding event planner in Jaipur or maybe some other part of the country, you wouldn’t have to face them with a sad face for sure, but if not, then you can be in big trouble! But don’t worry; here is your guide to choose the perfect wedding venue.

  • Budget
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    #1 Budget: Budget is the most important factor of deciding the wedding venue. You cannot just decide to marry in Venice when your budget is in a few lacs, right?! But you can definitely have budget destination wedding India, if a destination wedding is what inspires you the most with a venue that fits your budget. So whether you work with a strict budget or not, when you are finding a wedding venue, tell yourself that you cannot spend more than a certain amount on booking the wedding space. So choose accordingly!

  • Location
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    #2 Location: The area where the venue is located is one of the first things that your guest would find or read on the wedding card. If it isn’t a place that is safe to travel during the wedding hours, or if it isn’t something that Google will help them find, then be ready to face their anger! You cannot miss out on the address or area of the wedding venue, be very clear with it. Ideal location should be where it is easy to travel, renowned among the localities (or if you have a destination wedding in India, then it must be very common for outsiders to find), and a place which would cheer them up by just reading its name!

  • #3 Space: When you have a public gathering like a wedding, space is a must. You cannot fit 100 members in a small room-sized venue. You have to ensure that there are there is enough space for them to move around. Not to forget the food stalls and seating arrangements that has to be included when considering the space for the wedding venue.

  • Hire a Professional Wedding Planner
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    #4 Hire a Professional Wedding Planner: Wedding planning companies and professional wedding event planner in Jaipur and other cities are quite approachable these days. And we are one of them! We help our clients have the best experience of their life by organizing their dream weddings according to their budget. Follow us on our Facebook page for more updates!

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