Can you imagine having a fairy tale wedding but not having a good picture of any the moments? This could be the worst nightmare. But don’t worry we are here to help you to get amazing pictures of your wedding.

First of all shake of all your nervousness, freezing in front of the camera or suddenly not knowing what to do with your hands isn’t all that common. It’s not that you are not photogenic, belive this that you are beautiful. You just need a picture posing.

Occupy Your Hands

Your hands will be more ways than one on your wedding day, and your secret weapon to natural-looking photos is one you’ll be holding in your hand. Having a prop eliminates the awkwardness of thinking “What do I do with my hands?” Feeling and focusing on whatever it is you’re holding something takes off the pressure and helps you to take the more relaxed photo.

Go For A Walk

Putting the entire body in motion will definitely help. Take a stroll with your new hubby, hug it out with your bridesmaids, or bust a move on the dance floor while your photographer snaps away. You’ll look natural and the candid shots will grace your photo album.

Look Away

If you are still not comfortable looking directly into the camera then the best trick is to look away from the lens, and pretend there isn’t a camera. While it won’t be easy to forget about the camera crew standing right in front of you, a three-quarter shot is always flattering and exudes an easy effortlessness.

Take A Step Back

You have chosen the beautiful wedding location, so just show it off. Getting a shot from a distance not only boasts the beautiful backdrop; it also won’t put an awkward smile or nervous body language on display.

Don’t throw away your shot—make it Instagram worthy!!!

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