Having plans to organize a lavish wedding? Or maybe a grand-scale corporate event? Well, conducting events at a grand level is one of the latest ‘corporate culture’ and as they say, a thing ‘elites do’. But most of the times, we aren’t really equipped with the right resources, know the right contacts, or have the right time to organize things at a significant level. So what do we do in such conditions? Well, simple! Either consult an online wedding planner or hire a professional event planner to get the job done for you!

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But the thing is, there are countless freelancers or professional companies available out there to organize events for you, choose the right wedding venues in Rajasthan or maybe in the whole country! This can be both a bane as well as a boon for you. Since the availability is in bulk and your choice is limited to one online wedding planner, you need to re-affirm on certain grounds by asking your event planner these questions listed below. Let’s get started:

  • What Are Your Areas of Expertise?: Don’t hesitate or shy away from asking this question. Understand that you will enter into a proper contract once the deal is fixed and there can be no looking back once the signatures are done on paper. So why risk an event which has a lot of value for your brand / self-image when you can simply ask this question. Every planner has a specialization in a specific field. For instance, one online wedding planner may have the best caterers, the other is may be good in cracking deals at a reasonable price for you, some may be good at choosing the right Rajasthan wedding venues, while some other’s managerial skills are unbeatable, and so on. Whichever entices you the most, give him the brownie point!

  • What All is Covered in the Fee?: That’s not about it, you need to bug the online wedding planner with some more questions that may be useful for you. So go ahead, check what all is included in the proposed fees by them. Are there any hidden charges? Do I have to pay something extra for the services I may require other than we spoke of? Or will you do the needful? Just ask and seek your answers.

  • What is the Cancellation or Refund Policy?: Before signing any contract, you should have the hang of all the terms and conditions of the contract you may be planning to enter into. Make sure you have no regrets later! There are some event planners who may charge extra money for working extra hours to conduct your event, or maybe to help you decide the best wedding venues in Rajasthan, etc. Also, you may be confused between two or more event planners to decide and may want to end a contract with one to hire someone else. So what all terms are applicable under such circumstances, what is the cancellation policy, what is the refund policy, will you get the full amount reimbursed or will there be any deductions? These are some questions you need answers for!

As a leading online wedding planner and event organizing company, we understand the importance an event holds in your life and we put the best of our efforts to make it a success! To know more, contact us through the number available on our website or connect with us on our Facebook page! We will help you choose the right Rajasthan wedding venues and offerings you truly deserve!

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