Show Mania events are one of the wedding planners in Jaipur and we have been in the industry for more than 10 years now. We have organized a number of destination weddings in regal venue of major cities of Rajasthan like Jaipur, Jodhpur, Udaipur, Bikaner and Pushkar to name a few. Our personalized approach to make plan the wedding of dreams sets us apart from other wedding planning companies. Yes, the major aspects of weddings like venue, food, hospitality, decor, and logistics play an important role, however the managing small things efficiently has made Show Mania events turn into best wedding planner in the city. Personalization is the key to creating memorable weddings. The bride, groom, their immediate families and other guests look for special moments and that’s what our work is all about. We don’t hesitate in going out of our way to make wedding one of a kind experience for all.

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Indian weddings are all about fun, food, conversation, ceremonies, dance and music. Show Mania events being one of the wedding planners in Jaipur feel music is an important part of weddings. Having a DJ who is able to handle multiple requests from your guests, able to mix songs on the spot and also encourage guests to be a part of the function is all you need on the eve of Sangeet ceremony. Being the best wedding planner in the Pink City, we have seen a number of couples paying special attention to the kind of music they would want and thus they look for the best DJ as well. Unlike other wedding planning companies in the city, Show Mania events has a close association with some of the fines DJ’s of Delhi and Jaipur and we don’t mind suggesting our clients the same. Imagine having your wedding in best of venue, with dreamy décor and other aspects well managed, but the music becomes a major turn off. If you are particular about your taste in music, we are here to help you out with question you should ask a DJ before taking a decision of hiring them.

  • How Long Have They Been In The Industry: This aspect is important, if your DJ is new in the industry and lacks experience to handle the event professionally, it definitely is a good decision to hire them. Ask them about their professional background, how long they have been managing the work, do they cater to only weddings and the venues they have worked with so far. These few questions will give you an idea about their experience.

    How Long Have They Been In The Industry
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  • How Do They Pump Up The Crowd: Yet another important question you must not hesitate in asking!! After all entertainment is backbone to weddings and guests must feel entertained at every point. Ask them how they will cheer the crowd and make them want to dance till they literally drop.

    How Do They Pump Up The Crowd
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  • Ask Them For Live Testing: You can also ask DJ to make you hear their ability to mix and blend tracks. Maybe tell you about their upcoming event, if not ask them to have a live demonstration.

    Ask Them For Live Testing
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Hope these few questions help you find the right DJ for your wedding. If you are planning your wedding in Rajasthan, get in touch with us at +91 9680555187

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