Planning and preparing your own wedding requires a lot of decision-making, therefore, it is important to keep a track of the endless little bits and pieces. Here’s a list of top 3 must-haves for a perfect wedding.


Give people new couple-goals with your co-ordinated perfect outfit



A wedding generally involves a total of 4-5 ceremonies, each demanding a different outfit. Coming to the present scenario of theme based ceremonies and functions, the apparels are designed and flaunted with respect to the enchanting themes. Therefore, if you’re planning for a wedding extravaganza, then all the lavish designs and work patterns of famed fashion fabrics and designers will definitely spice up your perfect wedding.

However, handpicking the perfect attire for each function can be a tiring task in between the hustle bustle of the wedding. The foremost customary trend that one should opt for is the color-coordinated wedding outfits which not only makes the couple stand out from the crowd but they also get captured better.


Destination Wedding



We understand that you must be having various plans for your wedding. Be it wearing a Sabyasachi lehenga or having top class pre-wedding portfolios, there is still so much to do and plan, right? Is a destination wedding in the mix? If not, then rush immediately to book one for you. Even if you’re under a strict budget,put your mind at ease because the destination wedding’s cost varies from low to high budgets.


Delicious dishes that will wow guests



Your wedding meal is not just something to eat but it’s the praises that guests will keep singing once they’ll walk away from your memorable wedding. Nothing will truly set you up for a successful and perfect wedding if not delicious food. Depending upon your desired type of wedding function, choose a show-stopping menu and mouthwatering food.


  • Undoubtedly a wedding is a lot of responsibility and hassle. In such times of stress, going for an event management company can be a sigh of relief. They will get you in touch with the right logistics, caterers, venues and everything else. Thus, making your important day hassle-free and memorable.

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