It is a dream of every pet owner to include their pet to one of the most important events of their lives, the day of their wedding. Nothing can match the ecstasy of seeing your pet standing beside you on this day all dressed up in his fancy suit. This may sound all perfect and amazing but the story doesn’t end here, including a pet in the wedding brings with it a lot of challenges you will not want to run behind your pet for things on this special day. Nonetheless, with little extra efforts  of the event planners in jaipur and some out of the box ideas of top 10 wedding planners in india, nothing can stop this from becoming a reality.

So here is a list of ways that will help you to make your pooch a part of your big day :

  1. Allow him/her to join the wedding

Before allowing your pooch to join in the celebration. You will have to take into consideration a lot of things whether the venue is located at a reasonable distance, whether there are enough spaces to accommodate your pet and things like your pet’s sociability and his behavior will come into play. Once you find answers to all these you are good to go.

  1. Give him/her a special job

Your pet can participate more in your wedding when you assign a particular duty to him. For instance, your pooch can act as a sign holder for you.

  1. Arrange a pet sitter

When it’s not possible for you to keep your pet throughout the wedding you can arrange a pet sitter who can escort your pet for a short while.

  1. Your pet’s cutout

Another creative way to make your pet a part of all the family photos is to prepare a larger than life cardboard cutout which can fill the space of your pet 

  1. Add your pet’s photos

When you are running out of time and can’t think of much, the simplest thing to do is use your pet’s photos for the decoration. Incorporating you and your pet’s photo will make you feel his presence. From using your pet’s photos on a photo booth to making a frame out of it there are numerous ways to include.

  1. Dedicate a theme

Another easy way to include your pet in the wedding is adding a pet based theme. It can include the decorations, the music, the venue, the attire, the food that you choose for the wedding. Find the best event decoration ideas with wedding planners in jaipur.

  1. Pre Wedding Photoshoots

Pre-wedding photoshoot is becoming more popular these days. It’s easy to make your pet a part of one rather than including him on the actual wedding day. You can use various props, get dressed together and get clicked like a family.

This is not a small day for you. A wedding includes a lot of planning and time. Wedding planners in Jaipur are waiting to give you their best. Investing a small amount of time to think about your pet can work wonders for you. This day will become all the more memorable for you when your pet is there with you.


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