Destination weddings are one of the most happening, memorable and fun weddings. The excitement of going to a completely different location and getting married is delightful and full of anticipation. But it is fun only when planned properly, so here are some tips to keep in mind when planning the perfect destination wedding :

  1. Choose a meaningful location

The first thing to keep in mind is to select a location with all the resources you require for the wedding because if the place has only one hotel, its so niche and beautiful, but where will your guests stay? Always keep the resources in mind, the ones which are extremely important and can’t be done away with.

  1. Notify all the guests in advance

A destination wedding can be a longer affair than other weddings, normally it can last from 4 to 5 days, so you have to notify people well in advance about the events and days on which they will be held.

  1. Consider the guest-list

In a destination wedding, always try to keep all the guests in the same hotel which is not very far from the main location where all the ceremonies are being held. Ensure the facility for proper transportation to the main location.

  1. Hire a planner

It’s important to choose a wedding planner or organization which specializes in a destination wedding. This way, instead of spending hours on calls to vendors, you will have a professional take care of everything. There are a lot of wedding planners and it is important to choose the one that matches your vibe. Showmania is also a wonderful wedding planning company which can help you plan a perfect destination wedding.

  1. Tweak your dress according to the location

Always keep in mind the weather of your destination and tweak your wedding dress accordingly. If the location is warm then a sleeveless dress would be a much better option, and if its relatively colder then one with sleeves would be a better option.

Keep these in mind for your dream destination wedding. Happy wedding!

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