Planning a party is not so easy. You got loads of work to do, decorating your place, arranging food & drinks, adequate seating arrangements, lighting, and so much more! And if you are in to plan something grand such as a wedding or a wedding reception or a birthday ceremony, you are in for trouble! On top of that, finding creative decor ideas is another climb on the mountain! But don’t worry, in this blog, we shall take you on a tour of some fascinating event decor ideas to break the normal you can use to wow your attendees without breaking the bank. Let’s take a look:

Event Decor Ideas
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  • Play with Colors: Use an array of colors to lighten up your place. You could go with those disco lights if you plan for a late night party at home or go with neon lights for an outdoor event. Believe us, it works wonders for you! As you know color plays an integral role in every design, so use the power of colors and host the best party ever! For weddings, you can simply get in touch with the best wedding planner and let him do the magic for you!

    Play with Colors
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  • Light It Up: Not just colors, there’re more ways to light up your party den! There are many pretty wax candles available in the market, some available especially as wedding candles or the ones you see in the list of event décor ideas everywhere! Using candles and natural light elements can be a great way to wow your attendees and works best for weddings (especially the destination weddings which smells simplicity & perfection at the same time!). But again, you don’t have to stress yourself, simply hire any of those wedding planners available in the market and whoop! You’re sorted!

    Light It Up
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  • Wine Bottle Chandelier: Well, for those who didn’t knew; wine bottle chandeliers exist and can be the show stopper for your event. It can level up your event, wedding, or party to the next level altogether without much efforts. This one is a special inclusion in our list of event decoration ideas for you. So if you want to stay trendy and rock the party, go for this idea without thinking twice! And of course, even the best wedding planner in town would suggest you this stunning idea for your upcoming grand event!

    Wine Bottle Chandelier
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  • DIY Photo Booth: DIY Photo booths are in trend too. You’ll see them in carnivals, casual parties, and even weddings. Have a proper DIY booth with a variety of props and banners to aggravate the fun. Let your attendees know how cool you are! Whether you meet wedding planners or a professional event organizer, everyone will suggest you to include this in your list of top items to rock your show.

    DIY Photo Booth
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There are countless other event decoration ideas available to enhance your next party. Let us know which ones are your favorite. Contact us to organize your next grand event to make it the talk of the town! We are a team of the best wedding planners in Jaipur helping people to run grand events, corporate shows, weddings, and more.

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