After spending four years in an engineering college, engineers become a breed of their own. They specialize in logical arguments. Their thought process goes there where you cannot even imagine. But you cannot deny the fact that they are charming too. You will love their company when around. They can never make you feel bored. Here are a few reasons which will make you fall for an engineer-

Conflicts Can Be Solved In a Calm And Logical Manner

If you hate having a conflict that doesn’t go anywhere, then dating an engineer is the way to go.  During their college life, they have learned to be logical and systematic even when it comes to high-stress situations.

They Don’t Know How Awesome They Are

Typical engineers have spent their whole life being told that they are nerds and uncool. This is actually disappointing, they don’t know how awesome they are actually. This means that they aren’t cocky, and they’ll love you forever with just a few compliments.

Dates Don’t Have To Be Fancy

Engineers don’t need anything fancy. A fridge full of beer and normal dinner is enough to make them happy. If you are feeling like a fancy date is in store, however, an engineer will make sure it runs smoothly and to plan.

Engineers Can Handle All Night Talks

They are in practice of pulling out all-nighters. This means that if you want someone to talk to late at night, then engineers are the best person.

No Challenge Is Too Big For Engineer

Engineers have the trait of solving all kinds of problems or even give a try to solve the problem. If you are stuck somewhere, don’t worry because you have an engineer lover.

Celebrate this engineer’s day with your engineer partner and fall in love with him again.


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