Celebrities are nailing the Groom entry! So why let them have the fun? Wedding is special to all of us. It is a day full of happiness, joy, and a moment of celebration. It is that day which signifies togetherness, unity, and celebrates two souls coming together to form their own little world. From the Bollywood industry to our sassy cricketers, everyone is uplifting the wedding game. So we thought you know, why should they have all the fun?!! These groom entry ideas are exactly what you need to have the coolest groom entry on your special day inspired from your favorite celebrities and sports personalities. And don’t worry, we shall be right there for you to help you host the best wedding in town as your wedding event planner in Jaipur. So let the battle begin!!

Fly Down in a Chopper:

Fly Down in a Chopper
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This one, is perhaps, not everyone will be able to do looking at your budget. But if you are in to spend a little more and have a grand wedding entry, then this might work for you. Flying in choppers for a groom can be the sassiest idea to pep up his wedding and have a modern ‘Dil vale Dulhaniya Le Jaenge’ thing for real. We can even help you with some awe-inspiring event decoration ideas to level up your game!!

The Ultimate Entry in a Sports Car:

The Ultimate Entry in a Sports Car
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If you are a big time car fan or someone who would love to have a stunning entry to have all the eyeballs rolling around, then this is the best idea to work for you! Sports cars can be like a really cool idea for you to enter in a lavish manner to get hitched with the woman of your life.

The Bonnet Baraat:

The Bonnet Baraat
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You can be the Akshay Kumar for your wife-to-be by having a crazy bonnet entry. Let the car be driven by someone while you sit like a star at the bonnet of your car and enter the wedding arena. Sounds crazy, isn’t it? But at the same time, thrilling too! You can get in touch with us to organize these crazy stuff as your one of the best wedding planners in Jaipur.

Swimming All the Way:

Swimming All the Way
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Wondered if you could use water as one of the main elements of a groom’s entry? If not, then do it now. You can enter in a boat or a water bike in your beach or lake side wedding! You can follow us on Facebook to get amazing event decoration ideas.

The Royal Avataar:

The Royal Avataar
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Why skip the royal ritual! You can have a spectacular entry in a chariot to take away your wife-to-be away from everyone to have her own little world with you! Believe us, this can be the most amazing way to have the perfect groom entry on your D-day.

The Perfect ‘Vrum-Vrum’ Entry:

The Perfect ‘Vrum-Vrum’ Entry
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You may not be a part of the movie ‘Dhoom’ but you can definitely steal their idea of traveling on bikes. Get a Harley or a Bullet or any other bike you are crazy for and get your squad to drive all the way to the wedding venue.

Now that you know the most stunning ideas, go steal your bride in style! If you need the best wedding planners in Jaipur, contact us right away!

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