Destination Wedding in India
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If you have been believing that planning destination wedding in India is a cakewalk, then you need to wake up and smell the coffee! Destination weddings are in trend and almost every other couple is planning for one to get married to their better halves. But you need to get this fact straight to your head and heart: Planning a destination wedding is another level task and is requires equal or more attention than any corporate event planning.

Every successful budget destination wedding India has some fascinating elements that lead to its success. And before you brainstorm ideas and stress over finding them, we have a list of 7 spectacular elements you’ll find in every successful destination wedding in India:

  • #1 Hire a Destination Wedding Planner:

    Hire a Destination Wedding Planner
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    Just like behind every successful man, there is a woman; you have someone professional behind every successful destination wedding. A wedding planner not only sorts a number of things for you but makes managing everything a piece of cake. Also, the kind of stress that you get rid of with a reliable destination wedding planner is unbeatable!! We have been behind many successful destination weddings happening in India and continue to serve our clients with the best of our abilities.

  • #2 Season Patterns:

    Season Patterns
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    The fact that you will most likely be unaware of the weather conditions of the location of your wedding, you need to be very assertive of the season patterns of that area. Check tourist sites, ask your wedding planner, and see the rain patterns of that destination, what will be the weather of the area around your wedding and then fix it. Trust us, this is one of the most crucial elements of every successful Indian destination wedding.

  • #3 Guest List Ready Beforehand:

    Guest List Ready Beforehand
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    Of course, you cannot take along hundreds of people with you to your destination wedding unless you are really, really rich or you get lucky enough to spend more than a few lacs on your destination wedding. And before you end up hurting someone close to not invite them to your wedding because you forgot their name to add to the list, make sure the list is ready! Successful destination wedding in India is a result of pre-planning, informed decisions, and corrective plan of action.

  • #4 Taking Advantage of Free Perks:

    Taking Advantage of Free Perks
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    Whenever you make bulk bookings anywhere, you tend to receive certain advantages that are an addition to the ones you paid for. Think like a businessman, save anywhere and everywhere you can. That’s what couples do who have conducted their destination weddings successfully. So for instance, if you have guests staying at the same resort, you could get lucky to score a few free rooms to use. Or, if you have fixed 10 dishes for your wedding, the caterer might give you another one for free! That’s how you crack good deals, don’t you! And if you aren’t that capable in doing so, ask your destination wedding planner to help you. Because he is a pro at everything!!

We have been organizing destination weddings for many years now. Contact us to find out the best location to suit your idea of that perfect wedding and have the most magnetic event of your life!

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