Corporate events are a thoughtful ways to clearly communicate the message of the company, its mission, vision, goal and objective to the target audience. The guests or target audience of the event could be the employees, new or existing clients, top management, and board of directors, suppliers or other stakeholders. The types of corporate events include – employee orientation, product launch, success party, employee recognition event, employee holiday party, trade show, seminar and conference to name a few. There could be an event every month or one big event once a year. It is all about competition these days and thus, making event exclusive, fun and entertaining is what companies look for these days. And thus, they look out for corporate event planner to manage their upcoming event. Show Mania events is a wedding planning and event Management Company based in Jaipur city of Rajasthan. We have been in the industry for over decade and have successfully planned and managed larger – than – life events for some of the most reputed companies of Rajasthan.

Corporate Event Planning
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Corporate event planning requires patience and should be handled with utmost care and perfection. And hence, nothing less than an expert is required to manage it. That’s exactly when companies look for corporate event planner. They have an experience of handling events of all sorts and have worked with companies belonging to different sectors and industries. Their professionalism, out of the box ideas and impeccable arrangements can make your event a grand success. The services offered by corporate event planners are – venue selection, themes and decor, catering, hospitality, logistics, branding and marketing to name a few. For a small event preparations start a month in advance and for events of bigger scale, preparations may start as early as 6-8 months in advance.

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Companies these days look for innovative ways when it comes to corporate event planning. They want corporate event planners to make the event exclusive and a grand success. Personalization is what can make the experience of your guests, speakers and your desired target audience absolutely memorable. Apart from suggesting the best of décor ideas, branding and marketing plays an important role in corporate event planning. Good promotional activities that are engaging, entertaining and fun can make the event more inviting and of course lead to happy memories. When it comes to decorations, light plays an integral role. The way you plan and manage light thorough the venue can make or break the best of decoration ideas you have used for your upcoming corporate event.

Corporate Event
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Lights at the stage, near the food area, seating area, DJ and other areas of the event venue should be thoughtfully planned. Stage is possibly the most important area and thus should have proper lights especially during a presentation so that even the last guest of the last row can clearly see the activities going on the stage. You can use laser lights, spot light and yellow lights in various area of the venue.

Corporate Event Management
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Hope these insights help you plan your upcoming event more systematically. For further assistance, get in touch with us at +91 9680555187.

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