Corporate events are basically company level events in order to engage and communicate a desired message to its audience employees, board of directors or top management of the company, new and existing clients and other stakeholders. Corporate events could be seminars, conferences, trade shows, exhibitions, product launch, success party, employee recognition party or employee holidays and many more. Corporate event planning these days is all about having an eye for details. And thus, hiring a professional help in the form of corporate event planner is pretty much essential these days. Show Mania events is not a new name in event planning industry in Jaipur. We have planned and managed corporate events for many reputed firms of Jaipur and other major cities of Rajasthan. Our professional approach, pro-active team, new and unique ideas to make your events memorable makes us one of the best corporate event planner of the city.

Corporate Event Planner
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Corporate events should be planned extreme care and responsibility as the brand name is being represented in front of the stakeholders. That’s the biggest reason companies have started looking for corporate event planners to make the event a grand success. Once the event planner is hired, the first thing that a company must do is brief the corporate event planner about the type of event, its objective, the target audience, what message needs to be conveyed and the vision and mission of the company in detail. This is the most essential part as the entire corporate event planning depends on this. The next step is setting up a budget and event date which will be a mutual decision of the top management of the firm. Once all of this is communicated to the event planner, they will start planning and suggesting options for various aspects of the event.

Venue selection, branding and marketing, hospitality, logistics, food, entertainment, decor and photography to name a few will be taken care by the event planner. When it comes to decor, the seating arrangement becomes an important element. You wouldn’t want your audience to stand at the same make sure the message of the event reaches the last person of the last row. That’s exactly when seating arrangement comes into the picture. Once you are aware of the type of the event it becomes easier for corporate event planner to suggest the seating arrangement. Commonly these are different ways one can plan seating for indoor events.

  • Theatre Style Seating: just like in a movie theatre or the way seats are arranged in a cinema, it is the simplest style of seating with chairs aligned in straight rows.

    Theatre Style Seating
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  • Classroom Seating: in this type just like a classroom, chairs along with tables are arranged in consecutive straight rows.

    Classroom Seating
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  • U-Shape: this seating style is appropriate for conferences when chairs and tables are aligned to make an open U shape.

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  • Boardroom: for important meetings and discussions in company halls, having a single table with chairs aligned opposite each other is an ideal style of seating.

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  • Banquet Style: for corporate events on a bigger scale, having multiple round tables with 6-8 chairs each is advised to accommodate the target audience.

    Banquet Style
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For further assistance in corporate event planning, get in touch with us at +91 9680555187.

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