No wedding menu is complete without the sweets. The delectable aroma of the wedding sweets attracts all the guests towards the dessert counter. Our Indian cuisine has a rich variety of sweets and when these options are tried with the western styles to make a fusion.

Sweets hold a special place in marriage. Without sweets there is no occasion complete even in daily life, it’s hard to stay away from these amazing deserts. It is a mark of happiness and is considered to be a pure entity for any auspicious occasion.

Here are a few options of fusion desserts that you can add at your wedding menu and make it more eclectic.

Sweet Ravioli with Lacha Paratha

You can find great pasta everywhere nowadays, but you might not have tried a sweet pasta for dessert. Sweet Ravioli stuffed with paneer and dry fruits, soaked in sugar syrup and served with Rabdi gives you a mouth-watering desire. Give it a try and enjoy this delightful dessert.

Thandai Mousse Cake

The combination of thandai syrup and whipped cream with the crunch of pistachios will attract you towards itself and you can do nothing but to fall for it.

Butterscotch Toffee Sheera

The butterscotch toffee sheera is an  Infused experiment for a quick and easy, fusion dessert using the traditional ingredient, rawa, and the Jello butterscotch instant pudding mix.

Apple Coconut Barfi

Apple Coconut burfi comes with a great twist of classic coconut and carrot burfi. Also, this makes for a great make-ahead dessert for weddings. This delicious dessert can attract extra attention to your wedding buffet.

Kesar Badam Cupcake With Shrikhand Frosting

We just need an excuse to have cupcakes in any form anytime. Now think about adding an Indian twist in the cupcakes with Shrikhand and Kesar. Isn’t it exciting.

So what are you thinking, go ask your caterer to add these yummy desserts on your wedding menu?

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